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WTN Archives: December, 2000

Friday, December 1

1. The Dalai Lama (Salon)
2. Movie Review: Himalaya (Also released as Caravan)
3. EU MP Olivier Dupuis's Letter to the President of the EU re: Remarks on Tibet
4. Letter to Editor: One American's View (WTN)

Saturday, December 2

1. Duchess in search of the spirit (BBC)
2. China's 'Go West' plan may threaten Tibetan culture (UPI)
3. 'CARAVAN' A natural born thriller (JT)

Sunday, December 3

1. U.S. backs Nepal to resolve refugee issue (UPI)
2. Angry China condemns U.K. report on 2008 Games (Reuters)
3. A War of Pandas and People (WP)

Monday, December 4

1. Dalai Lama celebrates golden jubilee as Tibetan head of state (AFP)
2. Dalai Lama celebrates 50 years, announces fresh contacts with Beijing (AFP)
3. New Dalai Lama-China contacts (BBC)
4. Faith in Shangri-La (WP)

Tuesday, December 5

1. Secret mission restores Tibet's links with China (The Independent)
2. China refuses to confirm or deny new dialogue with Dalai Lama (AFP)
3. Dalai Lama and China 'in talks' (The Guardian)
4. Dalai Lama Office Talking to Beijing (AP)
5. China denies budge on Tibet (News24ZA)
6. Nepal police baton charge Tibetans celebrating Dalai Lama jubilee (AFP)
7. Tibetans celebrate Dalai anniversary (TOI)

Wednesday, December 6

1. China eases hard line on Dalai Lama (The Age)
2. China Considering Tibet Delegation (AP)
3. Wary Beijing resumes contact with Dalai Lama (SMH)
4. China ready to contact Dalai Lama (DPA)
5. Staunch Muslims, Tibetans at heart (TNS)
6. Tibet's First Deaf-Mute School Opens (Xinhua)

Thursday, December 7

1. China Says Dalai Lama Insincere, Misleading Public Opinion (AFP)
2. Beijing 'playing Games' on Tibet (Australian)
3. China Firm on Conditions for Talks With Dalai Lama (AFP)
4. A culture lying in path of progress (Australian)
5. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE Daily Press Briefing
6. China Telecom needs overseas IPO to keep abreast of competitors: analysts
7. SFT Benefit Concert and Free Spirit Festival in Dharamsala

Friday, December 8

1. Rights Groups Turn up Heat on BP on Tibet Pipeline (Reuters)
2. China reticent on reports of talks with Dalai Lama (Reuters)
3. Falun Gong to dog PM's China trip (Ottawa Citizen)
4. Visit Tibet, but Go with Low Expectations (TIME)

Saturday, December 9

1. A divine political presence: The Dalai Lama (The Independent)
2. The forgotten Tibetan realm of Yushu (
3. Obituary -- Dr Hugh Richardson (The Scotsman)

Sunday, December 10

1. Handover of power reflects Party line (TIN)
2. Prisoners in China (Scotsman)-- Letter to Editor

Monday, December 11

1. From Our Correspondent: An Execution in Shigatse (Asiaweek)
2. Dalai Lama To Visit Taiwan (AP)
3. 22 Tibetans arrested in Nepal (AFP)
4. Himachal to develop McLeodganj as tourist resort (TOI)
5. New Zealand Police Condemned over Handling of Protests Against Jiang Zemin
6. China Plans Railway over the Roof of the World (Reuters)
7. email: Luke Harding @ Dharamsala (Guardian)

Tuesday, December 12

1. Julia Taft Says She Hopes to Work for Tibet Even After Leaving Office
2. NZ police condemned over handling of protests against Jiang Zemin (AFP)
3. Saddened by Police Commissioner's allegations of violence (SFT)
4. Who copied who? – Free Tibet Campaign (Press Release)
5. China accuses Human Rights Watch of distortion (AFP)
6. Tibet tries to enter world market without exploiting resources (AP)
7. Flood of goods from China an eye-opener for Indians (JT)
8. Cisco and Tibet University to train Net staff

Wednesday, December 13

1. 'Prisoner' of Dharamsala (Cover Story) (The Week)
2. Karmapa should be allowed to go to Rumtek: Interview/T Namgyal (The Week)
3. We will seek political asylum later: Interview/Karma Gelek Yuthok (The Week)
4. Festive time (The Week)
5. Indo-china relations -- On an uneven keel (The Week)
6. Feasibility Study Stepped Up for Building Railway to Tibet (PD)

Thursday, December 14

1. Tibetans Struggle with Rights in Nepal (ICT)
2. Tibetan attitude toward death not mystical (JP)
3. Blowing away for Tibet (BP)
4. China plans railway over the Roof of the World (Reuters)
5. Dalai Lama on 9-day state visit (TOI)
6. Tibet to Attract More Foreign Investment (PD)

Friday, December 15

1. Tibetan Rights Activists Protest in Beijing (AFP)
3. Alston query on boy (The Age)
5. "Shol" Dawa: Obituary of a Political Activist (TIN)
6. China hopeful Bush will choose pragmatism over confrontation: analysts (AFP)

Saturday, December 16

1. Eschew violence, says Dalai Lama (TH)
2. Tibetan activist 'dies in infamous Lhasa jail' (AP)
3. Protesters win police payout, apology (TD)
4. Editorial: Police in need of a lesson in law (NZH)

Sunday, December 17

1. Dalai Lama to visit Lithuania in June (AFP)
2. Tibetan political activist died in prison: rights group (AFP)

Tuesday, December 19

1. India must keep traditions alive, says Dalai Lama (DH)
2. Only talks with China can solve Tibet issue (DH)
3. Brooking no Dalai (TE)

Wednesday, December 20

1. Tibetan flaf to the South Pole

Thursday, December 21

1. Tibetans sent back across the border as pressure increases on Nepal (TIN)
2. Panel: Tibet victim of China's `siege mentality' (HUG)
3. Taiwan reaches out to Tibetans (TT)

Friday, December 22

1. Repatriation of Tibetans: US officials concerned
2. Nepal Bowing to Chinese Pressure to Repatriate Tibetan Refugees
3. Be tolerant to other religions: Dalai Lama
4. Norway To Honor Nobel Centennial
5. Sacred sounds
6. Tibetan company to list shares in Shanghai
7. First Group of Tibetan Stewardesses to Serve on Flights
8. Children's Book in Tibetan Language Published
9. Lhasa's Residents Spend More on Education

Saturday, December 23

1. Karnataka Tibetans wait in hope
2. Rock in Rio, rock in peace
3. Tibet rail link eyed
4. Tibetan Prefecture Escapes Poverty
5. Tibet Witnesses Faster Economic Growth
6. Tibet Likely to See 9.3 Percent Economic Growth This Year
7. China Upgrades Sichuan-Tibet Highway

Sunday, December 24

1. Rights Group Knocks Planned China-Tibet Railway Link
2. Religion in Tibet
3. Palestinians, Israelis Have Right To Sovereignty
4. Secret past of the man who conquered Everest
5. Going to the mountaintop
6. China Upgrades Sichuan-Tibet Highway

Monday, December 25

1. Dalai Lama agrees to hold talks with China
2. Tenzing Norgay was not Sherpa, but a Tibetan’
3. Christmas special for youth from Tibet
4. Buddhist statue inappropriate for Sex-in-China story
5. Christmas Party Held for Foreigners in Tibet

Tuesday, December 26

1. Dalai Lama on Contacts with China
2. Is Chandni Chowk becoming Chinese Chowk?
3. China to Build 18,000 km West Region Rail Network in 5 Years
4. Tibet Bends on Advantages in Many Areas

Wednesday, December 27

1. CHALLENGES FROM CHINA - How India can meet them
2. China has Tibet's best interests at heart
3. The personal connection between China, Bush clan

Thursday, December 28

1. Text of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Meet with the Press on 4 Dec 2000

Friday, December 29

1. Personal view: Tibetan perspectives on Lhasa today (TIN)
2. China set to build railway to Tibet (TIN)
3. Opposition in the pipeline (SCMP)

Saturday, December 30

1. Challenges from China - How India can meet them (TT)
2. China Closes, Destroys More than 3,000 Religious Sites (AP)

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