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WTN Archives: January, 2001

Monday, January 1

1. Dalai Lama against fashion for Buddhism in Europe (AFP)
2. Tibetans condemn misguided Taiwanese activities

Wednesday, January 3

1. China must revisit ancient treaty (TA)
2. Why Maura Moynihan never got over India? (IANS)

Thursday, January 4

1. Messenger of Peace - Editorial (TOI)
2. Dalai Lama key to to resolving Tibet conflict: Nobel laureate (TOI)

Friday, January 5

1. Voice of America survey of Tibetan listerners (VOA)
2. Shawls Sold at Charity Event: So Soft and So Illegal (NYT)
3. Chinese Nobel Laureate Support Negotiations with His Holiness (IA)

Friday, January 5 (2)

1. Dr Yeshe Donden's on NBC Dateline News

Saturday, January 6

1. Enforcing Loyalty: Annual Report 2000 (TCHRD)
2. Anniversary of Karmapa escape; tension at monastery in Tibet (TIN)
3. Hospitality with altitude (TA)

Sunday, January 7

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama Launches "Virtual Homeland"
2. Chanting for freedom (SCMP)
3. China's repression in Tibet worsened in 2000, rights report says (AFP)

Monday, January 8

1. Dream of freedom fades for boy Buddha (DT)
2. Healing the ancient way (TH)
3. Hugh Richardson (TG)

Tuesday, January 9

1. Bowie, Moby to Play Tibet House Benefit

Wednesday, January 10

1. Raise Tibet issue with Li Peng: TYC
2. India must take advantage of Beijing's sweet amiability.

Thursday, January 11

1. Tibetans protest in Delhi (BBC)
2. Tibetan Exiles Protest Against Li Peng's Visit to India (AFP)
3. Raise Tibet issue with Li Peng: NDPT (TNS)
4. Li's Beijing remarks reveal tension

Friday, January 12

1. Tibetan Exiles Try to Disrupt Chinese Leader's Motorcade in India (AFP)
2. Sino-Indian relations: Burying the hatchet in the new millennium (RP)
3. Grass roots rural control stepped up with education of Chinese and Tibetan cadres (TIN)

Sunday, January 14

1. Tibetan students behind bar in Tihar Jail, Delhi
2. Update from TYC on demonstrations against Li Peng
3. Li targeted by Tibetan protesters for second day

Monday, January 15

1. Update from Delhi on Li Peng Demonstrations
2. “Arrests Of Tibetan Activists Is ‘Undemocratic’, ‘Un-Indian’ And Against Supreme Court Verdict “, -- Say Tibet Supporters & Scholars
3. China's Li Peng asks India to bury hatchet, form new economic order (AFP)

Monday, January 15 (2)

1. Securitymen fire at Tibetan youths near Li hotel, 3 hurt (TH)

Tuesday, January 16

1. China tries to snare Tibet's web visitors (The Guardian)
3. Tibetan Activists Shot by Indian Police out of Danger
4. Lhasa railway exiles' biggest nightmare
5. A railway across the roof of the world
6. Tibetan troupe puts up colourful show
7. Tibetan Herbal Medicines Coming Down From the Roof of the World

Wednesday, January 17

1. India urged to raise Tibet issue (Tribune)
3. High-tech sherpa
4. China's Li, Indian PM meet
5. The People's Liberation Army is the main obstacle to a Stable Relationship with Beijing
6. China company to produce CFC replacement

Thursday, January 18

1. Police arrest 26 Tibetan protesters
2. Colin Powell: "Solidarity with the Dalai Lama and the people of Tibet"
3. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Questions Secretary of State Designee Colin Powell
4. New U.S. administration does not consider China a strategic partner
5. Tibetans threatened
6. Nobel Peace Prize to mark centennial
7. China calls for IT co-operation China is seeking to tap India's software expertise

Friday, January 19

1. Tibetans slow down Li Peng convoy
2. China to concentrate on IT: Li Peng
3. Tibet campaign targets BP shareholder meeting
4. BP faces green test
5. Powell Vows Activism In Foreign Relations Nominee Backs Missile Defense Research

Saturday, January 20

1. Dalai Lama Planning to Visit Utah
2. Activists push for BP Amoco to sell PetroChina stake
3. TIBET: Australian companies plan plunder
4. Monks convey culture through sand painting
5. Tibetan People Wish for a Success in Beijing's Olympic Bid
6. Tibet Invests More in Fixed Assets

Sunday, January 21

1. India and China: Not quite brothers yet
2. Taft No Longer Special Coordinator for Tibet: Secretary of State Designate Powell to Name Successor
3. Permission granted for building the world highest hotel
4. British firm insures trekkers against Yeti attack

Monday, January 22

1. EU presses China on young Panchen Lama
2. Monasteries carve out a special place for Sikkim
3. First Set of Tibetan Textbooks Published
4. Henan, Tibet Join Hands on Cultural Relic Protection
5. Chanting for freedom

Tuesday, January 23

1. China Falls for Tibet Chic (Asia Times) Despite Beijing's criticisms of lamas and their culture, citizens are getting into prayer-wheel kitsch
2. Tibetan rights groups apply pressure on energy giant

Wednesday, January 24

1. PM urged to denounce rights abuse 60 MPs want Chretien to use trade trip as rights mission to aid Tibet (Ottawa Citizen)
2. EU Presses China on Human Rights, Tibet
3. Tibet's Economy Grows Rapidly

Thursday, January 25

1. Dalai Lama at Hindu Festival, But No Holy Dip
2. Dalai Lama Participates in Festival
3. Scarred Tibetans, gentle message
4. Lama scores a winner in 'The Cup'

Friday, January 26

1. Dalai to pray at Kumbh with Hindu gurus (The Economic Times)
2. Dalai Lama condemns religious conversions
3. To conquer pain and retain pleasure
4. Nawang Khechog is nominated for a Grammy
5. Blowing the Sounds of Emptiness

Saturday, January 27

1. Dalai Lama Urges Compromise in Indian Temple Row
2. Dalai Lama warns against building temple by force
3. Dalai Lama calls for peace
4. Karmapa not a Chinese spy: Dalai Lama
5. China cannot but address Tibet issue, says Dalai Lama
6. State Not Sponsor Of Dalai Lama's Visit to Salt Lake

Saturday, January 27 (2)

1. Dalai Lama Urges Compromise in Indian Temple Row
2. Dalai Lama warns against building temple by force
3. Dalai Lama calls for peace
4. Karmapa not a Chinese spy: Dalai Lama
5. China cannot but address Tibet issue, says Dalai Lama
6. State Not Sponsor Of Dalai Lama's Visit to Salt Lake

Sunday, January 28

1. Dalai Lama Says China Mute Over Proposed Delegation to Beijing
2. Dalai Lama gets no response from China
3. Tibetan advocates encouraged by Powell's words
4. The game continues
5. Beijing decrees death to net spies

Monday, January 29

1. Dalai Lama asks people to inculcate positive emotions (TOI)
2. China Seen Softening Crackdown in Tibet
3. No response from China to Dalai Lama talks offer

Tuesday, January 30

1. Dalai Lama says political heir should be elected
2. Dalai Lama says he wants an elected successor
3. Dalai Lama Calls for Tibet Autonomy in China
4. Amartya Sen, Dalai Lama call for unbiased reportage

Wednesday, January 31

1. The Dalai Lama's lingering dilemma - BY THE WAY
2. Dalai Lama Wins Hearts At DPS
3. Dalai Lama faces great wall of indifference
4. Dalai Lama pins hopes on Bush administration for Tibet solution
5. BP Shareholders file resolution calling on BP to divest from PetroChina
6. New TIN online photo collection

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