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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: February, 2001

Thursday, February 1

1. Dalai Lama plans to transfer political power (The Age)
2. The case of the dueling lamas (BG)
3. Study Links Malnutrition to Stunted Growth of Tibet's Children (NYT)
4. Dalai Lama faces great wall of indifference (Australian)

Friday, February 2

1. Karmapa 'granted' refugee status (TNS)
2. Malnutrition Stunting Tibetan Children's Growth (Reuters)
3. Why children don't grow tall in the high country (SMH)
4. Beijing Gives Guardians of Tibetan Yaks The Heave-Ho (LAT)
5. Falun Gong Goes Outright Against Buddhism: Tibetan Buddhist Masters (Xinhua)

Saturday, February 3

2. The Dalai Lama: A Man With A Mission (TOI)
3. Karmapa prays for quake victims (TNS)
4. His Holiness the Dalai Lama on successor (DIIR)

Sunday, February 4

1. Young lama to stay in India (Australian)
2. India risks Beijing's rage by allowing Karmapa lama to stay (The Scotsman)
3. Noble Laureates Urge Press To Fight Narrow Thinking (The Independent)
4. Nobel Peace Prize winners to celebrate centennial (AFP)
5. Smells and sights of Tibet come alive at festival (TOI)
6. Festival of Tibet leaves mark (TNS)

Monday, February 5

1. China warning over Karmapa Lama (BBC)
2. Pressure mounts for Chretien to push human rights on Team Canada trip (CP)
3. Canadian MPs urge PM to convene negotiations between China and Tibet (CTC)
4. Letter to the Indian Consulate re: Gujurat Earthquake (OTNY)

Tuesday, February 6

1. Canadian PM won't meet with pro-Tibet organization (NP)
2. Tibetan farmer dies in prison (TIN)
3. UK Minister seeks to defuse BP Tibet row (Reuters)
4. Press Release: Free Tibet Campaign welcomes "concern" over BP
5. Karmapa to visit Bodh Gaya, Varanasi (TNS)
6. China urges India caution on refugee Tibetan monk (Reuters)
7. North American Tibetans offer assistance for Gujurat Earthquake

Wednesday, February 7

1. Tibet protesters target BP over PetroChina stake
2. BP faces wrath of Tibet for pipeline plan (The Scotsman)
3. UK enters China pipeline dispute (FT)
4. Pressure builds over Tibetan gas pipeline (UPI)
5. Tibetan Freedom Concert Eyes Summer Return In The U.K.?

Thursday, February 8

2. Canadian PM agrees to press China on rights (OC)
3. MPs, activists urge Chretien to press for talks on Tibet while in China (CP)
4. Tibetans and supporters protest a visit by a Chinese delegation to Calgary

Friday, February 9

2. China tries to improve its image on Tibet (CH)
3. Tibetan delegate defends government, economy (CH)
4. China-Tibet rail link approved (CNN)
5. China Set to Build "World's Highest" Railway to Tibet (AFP)
6. India, China wrap up security dialogue (TOI)
7. U.S. Military Wants to Search World War II Tibet Crash Sites (Reuters)
8. India conveys its concern to China Transfer of missile technology to Pak
9. Canadian PM urged to press rights in China (CP)

Saturday, February 10

1. Canadian PM Chretien to make "representations" on human rights in China: MP
3. Falungong could become increasing diplomatic liability for China (AFP)
4. India, China to broaden friendship (Hindu)
5. Human rights loom over Canada trade mission to China (Reuters)
6. Team Canada visit to China largest yet Human rights one theme
7. Tibetans Hold Traditional New Year Celebrations in Xiahe (AFP)
8. Tibetan Exiles Help Indian Quake Victims (Reuters)
9. Tibetan monks clamour for shrine

Sunday, February 11

1. China, Canada Leaders Talk Rights, Trade (Reuters)
2. China has improved rights situation, Chrétien says (CP)
3. Canadian prime minister begins visit to China (AP)
4. Protesters see off Chrétien entourage (Globe and Mail)
5. Chinese plan for railway seen as threat to Tibetan people (The Scotsman)
6. China dreams of new heights in Tibet (The Guardian)
7. Railway across roof of world alarms Tibetans (Telegraph)

Monday, February 12

1. Torture in China reported on rise (BG)
2. Torture Allegedly on Rise in China (LAT)
3. PM: China's rights record is 'improved' (OC)
4. Canada too 'small' to lecture China: PM (NP)
5. Canadian PM angers Students with Human Rights statements in China (SFT)
6. British team in China for dialogue on human rights (AFP)
7. India urged to talk to China on Tibet (TOI)

Monday, February 12 (2)

1. Human rights a recurring theme for Chretien on Team Canada mission (CP)
2. Canadian PM to push China on justice (Globe and Mail)
3. Tibetans torn between worlds (GM)
4. ICT Commends New Amnesty Report on Torture in Tibet (ICT)
5. Tibetans extend a helping hand to Earthquake victims in India (TOI)
6. China baulks at farm gate (Australian)
7. Escape from Tibet: Local college student recalls escape (GRP)

Tuesday, February 13

2. Two Canadian Students Detained in Beijing After Pro-Tibet Protest (AFP)
3. Pro-Tibet protesters dog Chrétien (Reuters)
4. Protesters heckled by business leaders during Team Canada mission to China

Wednesday, February 14

1. Australian minister criticised over visit to Tibet (AFP)
2. British team wrapping up three days of human rights talks in China (AFP)
3. Anger as minister leaves on Tibet visit (Age)
5. Heckle of a time in China (Edmonton Sun)
6. Rare Australian ministerial visit to Tibet (BBC)

Thursday, February 15

1. Protesters Ask BP To Divest From PetroChina (DJ)
2. B.C. students arrested in China for protesting trade mission arrive home (CP)
3. Parents surprised their kids involved in protest during Chretien visit
4. Man shocked by daughter's arrest in Beijing protest (The Province)
5. Chretien preaches human rights to Chinese students (AFP)
6. Euro MPs set to pressure China over Falungong, religious rights (AFP)
7. Activists take aim at BP over PetroChina holding (AFP)

Saturday, February 17

1. Bush to Back China Human Rights Censure (Reuters)
2. Meeting Emphasizes Struggle Against Dalai Lama
3. Don't trade away human rights (TS)
4. European Parliament Condemns China’s Record on The Religious Freedom

Monday, February 19

1. PM seems not to care about Tibet (MG)
2. "Giving peace a chance" (VS)
3. Packing up his troubles (TA)
4. Winds of change begin to blow

Wednesday, February 21

1. Tibetan Monk To Begin Pilgrimage To Indian Buddhist Sites (AP)
2. Human rights: Religious freedoms in the People's Republic of China
3. Anti-religion campaign targets Tibetan schoolchildren (TIN)
4. Holmesian tale engaging, inventive

Friday, February 22

1. Tibetan Karmapa Lama Starts Cautious Trip in India(Reuters)
2. International Olympic Committee Ignores China's Rights Abuses Students For A Free Tibet Targets IOC
3. Relatives Recover Corpse of a Tibetan Monk (TCHRD)

Friday, February 23

1. My Kind of Exile
2. The perils of taking on Tibet's holy men (AW)
3. Karmapa visits Sarnath (TH)
4. New report on political imprisonment in Tibet (TIN)

Saturday, February 24

1. Tibetans prepare to celebrate new year (TT)
2. Tibetan monk dies in Chinese custody - report (IO)
3. Tibetan singer's schools dream takes off (AS)

Monday, February 26

1. Teen-Age Monk Blesses Buddhists(AP)
2. China claims its handpicked boy "lama" loyal to communist party (AFP)

Tuesday, February 27

1. PM Nepalese Attempt to Stop Tibetan New Year Festivities
2. Tibetan Nun Dies in Prison
3. U.S. Will Sponsor U.N. Motion on China Rights
4. Worried less over China, Dalai Lama decides to visit (TT)
5. Cyber warrior (TA)

Wednesday, February 28

1. China Rights Motion is "the Right Thing", Says White House(AFP)
2. China blasts US human rights accusations, issues own report on US (AFP)
3. "I am not bothered who Dalai recognizes as next Karmapa"
4. Indian police detain German over threat to Tibetan boy lama(AFP)
5. Taliban Order Buddhas Destroyed

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