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WTN Archives: August, 2001

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Wednesday, August 1

1. China's ambitious railway - Workers have left families behind to work on the project (BBC News)
2. China puts infrastructure first in western push
3. Nomadic Herders Vanishing in China
4. Tibet Through Eyes of Foreigners

Thursday, August 2

1. China defends record on minority rights at U.N. meeting, but activists say claims untrue
2. China goes it alone on western investment
3. The boy buddha

Friday, August 3

1. Powell Urges China, Dalai Lama Talk
2. United States Urges China to Talk to Dalai Lama
3. China failing to apply UN pact on discrimination: rights group
4. Torture survivors move Amnesty worker
5. Shahrukh seeks Dalai's blessings for Ashoka
6. Himalaya - a film by Eric Valli

Saturday, August 4

1. Woolf and the Dragon
3. 'Himalaya,' A Triumph Of Faith And Endurance
4. Shah Rukh seeks Dalai's blessings
5. Chinese writer leads drive to build schools in Asia

Sunday, August 5

1. Buddhists caught up in Kashmir war
2. Tibet - World of Travel

Monday, August 6

1. Give Kasmiris right to self-rule: Dalai
2. Hurriyat invites Dalai Lama to Kashmir
3. China appeals to fashion world to stop buying 'chiru' fur

Tuesday, August 7

1. Dalai Lama wants to make pilgrimage to Pakistan: report
2. Dalai Lama's motorcade stoned in Jammu
3. Dalai Lama comments on Kashmir trigger storm in India
4. Doda killings condemned at peace conference
5. ROYAL VISIT - Princess off to Tibet for two weeks To talk about culture and education issues
6. Politics Intrude at China's Kumbum Monastery
7. Task of Foiling Tibet Separatism Key to Prosperity in the Region
8. Security Pact With Russia Bolsters China's Power

Wednesday, August 8

2. Dalai Lama supports Kashmiris' role in talks
3. Tibet's Raidi on Method Used To Find Reincarnated Child of 14th Dalai Lama
4. Tibet's Gandan Temple Celebrates Buddha Worship Festival
5. Olympic games open business doors to China

Thursday, August 9

1. No question middle path on Kashmir: BJP
2. Dalai Lama attempts to calm storm in India on his Kashmir comments
3. Raidi on Selection of Dalai Lama's Reincarnated 'Soul Boy'
4. Alcatel wins contract to expand GSM network in Tibet

Friday, August 10

1. Beijing plans to cobble together its very own Dalai Lama
2. Successor to Dalai Lama Mulled
3. Tibetans denounce China's plans for lama
4. Hurriyat invites Dalai Lama to J&K
5. Press Release from Tibetan Women's Association
6. UN Panel: China Should Work on Rights
7. Showing 'Positive Desire'
8. Tibet to Receive More Central Government Funding

Saturday, August 11

1. Lhasa authorities reinforce Dalai Lama birthday celebration ban (TIN)
2. UN Concerned About Racial Discrimination in China (AFP)
3. U.S. Senators Expect Human Rights Releases Before Bush Visit to China (AFP)

Saturday, August 13

1. Beastie Boys' U.K. Tibetan Freedom Concert Postponed
2. Tibetan monk to speak on compassion, culture Lama believed to be reincarnation of a 17th century Buddhist master (SR)
3. U.N. worries about Tibet, Xinjiang (KNA)
4. India-Tibet Friendship Soceity press statement in context of His Holiness Dalai Lama statement at Chennai
5. Toe the Taiwan and Tibet line

Saturday, August 14

1. Tolstoy Foundation's award for Dalai Lama (RC)
2. China to weed out maps suggesting Taiwan, Tibet are independent (AFP)
3. Article in the Daily News, South Africa
4. Richard Gere to appear in The Simpsons

Wednesday, August 15

1. An article about Chinese Propaganda (AD)
2. Tibet Government Chairman Legqog Says 'Door Open' for Talks with Dalai Lama (TKP)
3. China Funded Secret Plan to Sway U.S. Elections (NM)
4. Vermont Scholar Lingers in Chinese Prison Tibetan refugee jailed since 1995 (ND)

Friday, August 17

1. The Potola in Tibet said to be crumbling (ABC)
2. Ex-spy, 84, publishes Tibet memoirs (JT)

Saturday, August 18

1. Tibet palace damaged in quest for tourists
2. Business with Nepal Dominates Tibet's Border Trade
3. Bond star funds Tibetan school with magazine's wedding cash
4. Faithful flock to Buddhist shrine

Sunday, August 19

1. Ripples surface within the Hurriyat again
2. Painting party Sunday aims to freshen up Tibetan chorten
4. Wisdom is from Mars
5. Adventures with ethics

Monday, August 20

1. Great Day for Tibet
3. Pacifica's Tibetan Art Festival brings unique culture to town
4. Chaksampa, Tibetan dance and opera company, offers thrilling cultural insight
5. One for the sages
6. Just How Old Is The Tibetan Plateau?

Monday, August 20 (2)

1. Chinese police raid Tibetan religious institute
2. Chinese troops seize Tibetan monastery
3. Survival of important Tibetan Buddhist institute under threat

Tuesday, August 21

1. Nuns, monks expelled from huge community
2. Monastery quietly resists pressure
3. China cracks down on Buddhists
4. Drapchi Prison: Tibet’s Most Dreaded Prison
5. Buddhist stupa rises in the Rockies
6. Manla Pivotal Hydropower Project Completed in Tibet
7. Lama Kunga Rinpoche to Visit New York in September

Wednesday, August 22

1. Tibetan government-in-exile elects new prime minister
2. China discovers large gas, oil field in Tibet
3. Tibet's Qiangtang Basin Predicted To Hold Between 4-5.4 Billion Tons of Oil, Gas
4. China Telecom to invest heavily in western provinces
5. High-Altitude Railway to Link China, Tibet
6. New China railroad won't benefit Tibet
7. Armed police sack Tibetan nunnery

Thursday, August 23

1. New Tibetan PM leaves a trail of fans in Indian village
2. Tibetans Elect Their Prime-Minister
3. Samdhong Rinpoché premier Ministre

Thursday, August 23 (2)

1. Chadrel Rinpoche "still in prison" according to authorities
2. Chadrel Rinpoche's fate unknown
3. China finds new deposits in Tibet
4. Political prisoner numbers disputed
5. Biggest-Ever Joint Chinese-American Film Project to Be Detailed at Hollywood News Conference
6. Buddhist Shrine in Rockies Shows Growing U.S. Religious Diversity
7. Hawkish Helms never hid hatred of "Red China"
8. US concerned at reports China targeted Tibetan monks, nuns

Friday, August 24

1. Freed Tibetan leader still in China prison
2. 'Inevitable' Himalayan earthquake will threaten 50 million: research
3. Scientists warn of a Great Himalayan quake
4. Observatory of Tibet and Central Asia (OTAC)

Saturday, August 25

1. Tibetan Buddhists' Spiritual Leader Dalai Lama Greets...
2. Zhu to answer human rights questions

Sunday, August 26

1. ROYAL BOOK - Princess to write about Tibet travels
2. All 62 Key Projects in Tibet Start Operation
3. Trekking in Tibet

Monday, August 27

1. A Tale of Two Lamas
2. Polish parliament voices solidarity with Tibetan people
3. West China to Focus on Green Power Development
4. Race concessions fail to appease US
5. Group raising funds to send desks to Tibet
6. Shah Rukh: 'Monk'eying around

Tuesday, August 28

2. China to deploy new generation radars in Tibet
3. China to Strengthen Meteorological Observation in Tibet
4. Journal: Racism conference a political exercise
5. UN Racism Conference Update
6. Brosnan to help Tibetan youth - Actor donates cash to school
7. British actor to co-star with Michelle Yeoh
8. China's heir apparent to step out of shadows

Wednesday, August 29

2. Tibetan Official Meets US Film Maker

Thursday, August 30

1. Tibet Exiles Criticize China at Racism Conference
2. Tibetan activists slam China ahead of racism conference
3. Sixth Dalai Lama Poems in Tibetan in Internet
4. Tibetan Democracy Day is Sept 2
5. Tibetan Monks Create Sand Art
6. More Investment for Water Projects in Tibet

Thursday, August 30 (2)

1. Acme of Obscenity: Tom Grunfeld and The Making of Modern Tibet

Friday, August 31

1. Letter to the Editor
2. New information on Chadrel Rinpoche prison term
3. Invisible chains: Life after release for Tibetan political prisoners

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