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WTN Archives: February, 2002

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Friday, February 1

1. Dalai Lama to leave hospital on Saturday
2. Succession issue haunts Tibetans
3. Australian row over Dalai Lama speech
4. Australian government accused of bowing to China over Dalai Lama
5. Bush urged to take up Tibet issue
6. Dalai lama plans April visit to IU
7. Returned Tibetans Receive New Year Greetings from Government
8. President Calls to Increase Radio, TV Coverage in Tibet, Xinjiang
9. Birds on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Decreasing

Saturday, February 2

1. Hello, Dalai ChrČtien should risk China's ire and agree to meet the Dalai Lama
2. Tibetans hold their breath Dalai Lama is widely admired for his commitment to peaceful resistance to Chinese occupation. Now he's sick and more radical forces lie in wait

Saturday, February 2 (2)

1. His Holiness discharged from Hospital
2. Dalai Lama leaves hospital
3. Dalai Lama leaves Bombay hospital
4. Jiang for enhanced media coverage in Tibet
5. Inside Story of Negotiations Between Dalai Lama, Central Chinese Government Revealed
6. Tibet Ranks High on Global Tourism Destinations

Sunday, February 3

1. Who and what after the Dalai Lama?
2. Looking beyond the middle path
3. A proxy war of succession
4. China wants Dalai Lama to return
5. Drop demands and return, China tells Dalai
6. Mud crabs 'saved' for Dalai Lama
7. Home is where the spirit is

Monday, February 4

1. Gere to Speak on Human Rights
2. Democrats call for Dalai Lama address to go ahead
3. Tibetan Woman Resistance Leader Passes Away
4. China: President inspects broadcasting in Tibet, Xinjiang

Tuesday, February 5

1. Tibetan people present unique alternative
2. Chinese offer 'not genuine'
3. Anger over Tibet monument
4. New "peaceful liberation" monument in Lhasa
5. UN to vote on ICT's Accreditation this Friday, February 8
6. Dalai Lama address is silenced in Parliament
7. China welcomes back repenting Tibetan separatists
8. Tibetan Cultural Festival - Feb. 23 - March 2, 2002

Wednesday, February 6

1. Tibetan youths pedal for world peace
2. China builds Tibet 'liberation' statue
3. How can a monk offend so deeply?
4. China to broadcast live Bush speech, press conference with Jiang
5. Beastie Boy Adam Yauch, Patti Smith Help Fill Out Tibet House Benefit Lineup

Thursday, February 7

1. Don't fight terror with terror: Dalai Lama
2. Tibet's future optimistic: Dalai Lama
3. Dalai Lama Heads Home After Medical Treatment
4. Dalai Lama fully cured, optimistic for future of Tibet movement
5. Ani Pachen

Friday, February 8

1. Cultural clash in land on the roof of the world (The Guardian)
2. Tibet Raised and Debated in UN General Assembly for First Time Since 1965
3. China adopts strategy to develop impoverished western region
4. Ani Pachen
5. Installed Power Capacity in Tibet Exceeds 350,000kw

Saturday, February 9

1. A railroad to progress or just another chain to China?
2. China excludes Tibetan NGO from Johannesburg summit
3. She's converted to Judaism and found a home in Buddhism

Sunday, February 10

1. 'Chinese' Panchen Lama appears on TV
2. Senior Chinese Leader Meets 11th Panchen Lama
3. Time is running out for Tibet
4. Tibetan group loses vote to attend UN conference
5. Conspiracy of 'International Campaign for Tibet ' to Participate in World Conference Foiled

Monday, February 11

1. Dalai Lama returns to warm welcome
2. The Dalai Lama's North American Visit Cancelled
3. Ottawa Visit of the Dalai Lama Cancelled
4. Tibetans Plan Daily Protests as Bush Leaves for China
5. High hopes rest on dark horse Hu
6. A Deceptive Picture of Tibet

Tuesday, February 12

1. Recovering Dalai Lama cancels US, Canada trip
2. Press Update from Washington
3. New York Buddhists Find Message of Peace a Much Tougher Sell
4. Ani Pachen Dolma, 68, Tibet's 'Warrior Nun'

Wednesday, February 13

1. Dalai Lama holds public meeting (TNS)
2. Russia's Buddhists celebrate lunar New Year in Siberia (AFP)

Thursday, February 14

1. Non-violent movement the only option - Samdong Rinpoche (Rediff)
2. Thorny Rights Disputes Await Bush in China (NYT)
3. PetroChina expects to team up with Shell and ExxonMobil

Friday, February 15

1. Tibetan prisoners in Nepal seek Royal Pardon (TIN)
2. Bush Should Reject China's Misuse of "Anti-Terror" Campaign (HRW)
3. China Deepens Assault on Faith (WP)

Saturday, February 16

1. Buddhism wins over a new generation of converts in Russia
2. Russian Buddhists invite Dalai Lama to visit
3. 13 pro-Tibet protestors arrested outside China's US embassy

Sunday, February 17

1. Resettlement and urban reconstruction in former World Bank project county
2. Dalai Lama cancels Ottawa visit

Monday, February 18

1. Lhasa dispatch - Neither safe nor sound
2. Cloves, crystals and crab's claws: what the Buddhist doctor ordered
3. State's Tibetans celebrate
4. Activists protest PetroChina Vice President's speech to Institute of Petroleum

Tuesday, February 19

1. Computers altering Tibetan lifestyle
2. Which doctor? Russian shamans spell out alternative to modern medicine
3. Ani Pachen, Warrior Nun in Tibet Jail 21 Years, Dies
4. Ani Pachen Dolma: Tibet's "warrior nun"
5. Six Tibetans arrested
6. Uneasy Times: A Buddhist Lens
7. Pro-Tibet Protesters Arrested at Embassy

Wednesday, February 20

1. Chadrel Rinpoche's Release: Another Token Gesture
2. China finds oil in Tibet
3. Madison Tibetans Celebrate Losar with the Mayor
4. Female Tibetan Professor Promotes Tibet Abroad
5. Comment - Songs of freedom
6. Tibet's Newspapers Expand Content

Thursday, February 21

1. Chinese puzzle
2. Jiang: China Has Freedom of Religion
3. Eyes will be on Jiang Zemin's likely successor
4. Tibetan Monk Is Reported Freed by China Ahead of Bush's Visit
5. A circle leads to nirvana
6. Spiritual journey to Tibet results in a book on Karma and happiness

Friday, February 22

1. Long life prayers for Dalai Lama
2. Tibetans plea to Bush on Chinese Oatrocities
3. Bush urges China to talk to Vatican, Dalai Lama
4. Bush Asks Jiang to Begin Dialogue with the Dalai Lama
5. US calls on China to release bishops
6. GW student arrested in pro-tibet rally
7. Students jailed after D.C. Tibet protest
8. Tibet House Benefit Concert

Saturday, February 23

1. The Drive gets a Himalayan flavour
2. Chinese leader lost for words as he meets press
3. Jiang: China Has Freedom of Religion

Sunday, February 24

1. Warrior nun kept faith against all odds
2. Obituary of Yulo Dawa Tsering
3. Unveiling the beauty of a fairyland foursome

Monday, February 25

1. Long life prayer ceremony for His Holiness the Dalai Lama (TibetNet)
2. Claims of forced abortions in Tibet are untrue, says report
3. China Objects to Photographic Exhibition on Tibet
4. The faces of Tibet
5. Buddha's Finger Heads to Taiwan

Tuesday, February 26

1. Canada should put Violations of Human Rights in China on UN Agenda
2. Siemens wins Tibet GSM contract
3. Sun to power western China

Wednesday, February 27

1. New Public Security Bureau building dominates Lhasa townscape (TIN)
2. Jetsun Pema awarded the Woman of "Courage"
3. Violence rages in Nepal as nearly 60 die in series of attacks (AFP)
4. Lhasa's 'unique magic' under threat from police HQ: Tibet group (AFP)

Thursday, February 28

1. Dalai Lama to visit New Zealand in May (NZPA)
2. Policy Watch (WP)
3. Taiwan takes another step to recognise Mongolia (AFP)

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