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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."
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WTN Archives: March, 2002

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Friday, March 1

1. Gallery Defiant Over Request to Pull Exhibition
2. A magnet for pilgrims (China Daily)
3. ICT organises second Tibetan Youth Leadership Program (ICT)
4. China admits economic data 'unreliable'

Sunday, March 3

1. Valley witnesses epic marriage (CD)
2. US Ranchers look to shake up cattle industry with yak meat (AP)

Monday, March 4

1. China cracks down on growing faiths (BG)
2. West China to Get More Government Loans (Xinhua)
3. Focus on stability in China meetings (Straits Times)
4. China's Illiterates: 50% in the West, Female 70% (PD)
5. Rooftop Receives ray of Sunshine

Tuesday, March 5

1. China, Others in Asia Criticized in US Rights Report (VOA)
2. Chinese leaders mull religion role (AFP)
3. US highlights human rights (FT)
4. Rights report serves up less criticism (SCMP)
5. Jiang rejects U.S. plea for democracy (The Hindu)
6. Tibet supporters in NYC engage in hunger strike at the UN (OTNY)

Wednesday, March 6

1. Brutal repression mars human rights picture across much Asia (AFP)
2. China's human rights record remained poor in 2001: US (AFP)
3. A young Indian editor puts the spotlight on Tibet (Phayul)
4. Chinese government urges investors to go west (AT)
5. US Human Rights Report Interferes China's Internal Affairs (People's Daily)

Thursday, March 7

1. U.S. Report Sharply Critical of Chinese Policies in Tibet (ICT)
2. Editorial: Human rights are a basic freedom (Taipei Times)
3. Address Tibet issue: RTYC (TNS)
4. (Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs) Commission gets the boot from Cabinet (TT)
5. Exiled Tibetan lama voices concerns (Taipei Times)

Thursday, March 7 (2)

1. US tells China it must talk to Dalai Lama (AFP)
2. Remarks of the Honorable Henry J. Hyde
3. Statement of Under Secretary Paula J. Dobriansky,
4. Testimony of Lodi Gyaltsen Gyari
5. Testimony of Richard Gere

Thursday, March 8

1. Days of Tibet in the Czech Republic
2. Hell on earth (Guardian)
3. MN Tibetans to Commemorate 43rd Anniversary of Tibetan Uprising Day
4. Human Rights In Tibet At A Glance (TB)

Saturday, March 9

1. Hundreds in Switzerland gather to support Tibetan cause (AFP)
2. Honorary Citizenship for Drapchi Prison Nun
3. Young Tibetan Nuns lead Freedom March in London (FTC)
4. Beijing rejects US appeal to negotiate with Dalai Lama (AFP)

Sunday, March 10

1. Statement of His Holiness The Dalai Lama on 10 March 2002 on the 43rd Anniversary of The Tibetan National Uprising Day
3. Erklärung seiner Heiligkeit des DALAI LAMA zum 10. März 2002 anlässlich des 43. Jahrestages des Tibetischen Volksaufstandes
4. Discorso di Sua santità il Dalai Lama 10 marzo 2002 In occasione del 43° anniversario del giorno dell’insurrezione nazionale tibetana

Sunday, March 10 (2)

1. Pro-Tibet demonstrators scale Paris' Eiffel Tower (AFP)
2. Hundreds in Paris protest against China's stance on Tibet (AFP)
3. Over 2,000 Tibetans in Nepal remember national uprising (AFP)
4. Hundreds in Poland protest Chinese occupation of Tibet (AFP)
5. Tibet support mark 10th March in demonstration in Marseilles
6. Statement of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Whip, on Tibetan National Uprising Day, March 10, 2002
7. Statement Of Congressman Mark Udall (D-Co), On Tibetan National Uprising Day, March 10, 2002
8. “anywhere, anytime” Dalai Lama says he’s ready to meet with Chinese Government (CTC)

Monday, March 11

1. Tibetans urge UN to initiate talks (TNS)
2. Dalai charges China with rights violation (PTI)
3. 10th March rally in India
4. Tibet Rally in New York
5. Tibetans press case for autonomy Emigres march to Chinese consulate to make heartfelt plea
6. Marchers want Free Tibet (TS)
7. Protesters mark Tibetan uprising 43rd anniversary
8. Tibetan nuns protest at China embassy (Reuters)
9. March 10th commemoration in Japan

Tuesday, March 12

1. Tibet Days in Budapest
2. EU yet again chooses to keep silent about China’s gross violations of human rights in Tibet
3. Council will raise Tibetan flag again
4. China warns against letting Dalai Lama speak at parliament (SMH)
5. 10th March in Vienna
6. March 10th, 2002 in Indianapolis
7. March 10 - San Francisco Bay Area
8. Dalai Lama calls for EU envoy to help understanding of Tibet (TE)

Wednesday, March 13

1. Tibetan Uprising Day - Minneaplis, Minnesota
2. Tibet: Association Of Towns, Provinces and Regions for Tibet Founded
3. Three Days Event in Bombay
4. Senate calls for Great Hall doors to be unlocked to Dalai Lama
5. Tibetan Uprising report from permafrost Calgary
6. Lama has no authority to represent Tibet: Official (AFP)
7. Tibet chairman hits out at separatism

Wednesday, March 13 (2)

1. 'Merchants of Morality' (FP)

Thursday, March 14

1. Tibetan women take out procession (TNS)
2. Red army marches on Democrats (TA)
3. Chinese MPs urge WB to fund Tibet project (AFP)

Friday, March 15

1. Tibetan youth congress staged demonstration at Chinese Embassy gate
2. Tibetan Americans Demonstrate for a Free Tibet (AW)
3. Red tape holds up Tibetan tourist boom (Kyodo)

Monday, March 18

1. Senate votes to admit Dalai Lama
2. Tibetan shares personal exile experience (DUC)

Tuesday, March 19

1. United States Hopes Democracies Will Stand Up for Human Rights as UN Commission Begins Session in Geneva (ICT)
2. Morgan Stanley Exposed Over Controversial Asian Projects - Share Value Threat From Growing Consumer Concerns (FTC)
3. China has warned Australia's leaders against meeting the Tibetan leader, the Dalai Lama (ABC)
4. One Nation-Divided Since Sept. 11, Beijing has been cracking down in Xinjiang (TM)

Tuesday, March 21

1. German Foreign Minister Calls for Autonomy Rights in Tibet and Eastern Turkestan
2. Morgan Stanley switches annual meeting to London (IT)
3. Morgan Stanley boycott (TG)
4. Morgan's mumble (TG)
5. Science Conquers Sorcery in Rural Tibet (Xinhua)
6. Chinese lawmakers from Tibet to visit European Parliament in late March (AFP)
7. Beijing heavies Canberra (TA)
8. Tibetan Compassion for Chinese Torturers (AI)

Friday, March 22

1. Photographer captures shocking Tibetan funeral in the sky
2. 250 Tibetan refugees to cast votes
3. Green protesters target Morgan Stanley meeting
4. NZ snubs China over Tibet
5. Australia kowtows to Chinese 'dictatorship'
6. Looking for Shangri-La? Head to China

Friday, March 23

1. Chinese Gov't in Tibet Visit Europe
2. Tibet Autonomous Regional People's Congress Delegation Leaves for Europe
3. Mary versus the world
4. Seagal In Funk Over Monk

Sunday, March 24

1. China pulls the strings behind new boy lama
2. Guatemala Speaks out for Tibet
3. Jobs threat over Morgan Stanley boycott
4. `The Glorious Knot' A Response To War

Monday, March 25

1. Tibetans Moving Forward - Holding On
2. Court order on Rumtek treasure kicks up a row
3. Shell to invest $5bn in China
4. President Jiang Zemin Meets Shell Chairman
5. Nepal bans under-16s from climbing Mount Everest

Tuesday, March 26

1. Why China Cooks the Books
2. Europe and Human Rights
3. ICT Cautions European Parliament on TAR Delegation

Wednesday, March 27

1. Switzerland Calls for Self-Determination in Tibet
2. Catholics hold the Dalai Lama to be wiser than the Pope
3. Humans dwelt in Ice-Age Tibet
4. Shell defends pipeline decision
5. Tibetan Delegation Visits European Parliament
6. PLA Chief of General Staff Meets Nepalese Guests
7. 'Extraordinary Poeple'
8. China Saving Ethnic Culture in Preservation Drive
9. Tibet, Her Buddhism, and Her Gifts to Our World

Thursday, March 28

1. Tibetan script makes a comeback in Pak
2. Tibetan Sherlock shakes up the movement
3. Dutch Foreign Minister Critcises China's Repression in Tibet and Eastern Turkestan
4. PLA reshuffles strengthen military grip on regional flashpoints
5. Photo Show on Tibet in EU
6. Belgian Parliament to Strengthen Ties with China's Tibet

Friday, March 29

1. Taking Notes on Democracy
2. China, India open direct air route
3. China's First Direct Flight To India Landed In New Delhi
4. Tibetan Pipe Dreams
5. Japanese Government urged to take up the Tibetan Cause

Saturday, March 30

1. PM accused of Tibet hypocrisy
2. Howard 'pressured' to snub Dalai Lama
3. EU Commissioner Patten calls on China to talk to the Dalai Lama
4. European Union Urges China To Begin Dialogue with the Dalai Lama
5. Lawmakers from China's Tibet Visit Belgian Parliament
6. America's vanquished Tibetan allies

Sunday, March 31

1. True friendship begins by getting to the bottom of yerterday's problems
2. Gere Cancels Germany Appearance
3. I blew my monkhood. I blew it.'
4. China Sets Up First Share-Holding Train Manufacturer

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