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WTN Archives: April, 2002

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Monday, April 1

1. Accepting China is accepting human rights violations
2. Indian Defense Minister Hopes China Will Begin Dialogue with the Dalai Lama
3. Red tape holds up Tibetan tourist boom
4. Premier Zhu Meets Indian Foreign Minister

Tuesday, April 2

1. TIPA Announces Shoton Festival in Dharamsala
2. Beijing sets up roadblocks for pro-Tibet group
3. Western Regions playing catch-up

Wednesday, April 3

1. Tibetan NGO asks Annan to prevent its exclusion from UN conference
2. UN Prepares to Silence Tibetan Voices at World Summit
3. Tanak Jigme Sangpo, Tibet's longest serving political prisoner, is Released
4. A spiritual leader must inspire
5. Activists' trial nears end

Thursday, April 4

1. Longest serving Tibetan political prisoner Jigme Zangpo released (TIN)
2. Dharamsala welcomes the release of TANAK JIGME SANGPO (Statement)
4. Tibetan Women's Association welcomes the release of Tanak Jigme Sangpo.
5. China Releases a Tibetan Held for 19 Years (NYT)
6. China Prisoner Freed After 19 Years (AP)
7. International Pressure: Holding China to Account (AWSJ)
8. UK Tibet: Flashback to the Chinese 'deal' (BBC)
9. Tibetans: Moving forward and Holding on (NG)

Friday, April 5

1. Tibetan Group Condemns Censorship at UN World Summit
2. Amnesty calls for more releases to follow freeing of Tibetan teacher (AFP)
3. Bush concerned over Tibet: NGO (AFP)
4. Diplomacy hailed as Tibet's veteran dissident is freed (Times)
5. Defiant Tibetan dissident free after 19 years (The Guardian)
6. Tibet's longest-serving political prisoner freed: rights groups (AFP)
7. Tibetan government-in-exile welcomes release of prisoner (AFP)
8. Tibet's longest-held prisoner, now free, says health is poor(RFA)
9. Japanese climbing team to bring down body and rubbish from Everest (AFP)

Monday, April 8

1. Separatist Tibetan Organization Barred from U.N. Conference (Xinhua)
2. Tourist tower opens in Lhasa as China pushes development of Tibet (AFP)
3. Tectonic shifts closing India-China gap (JT)
4. German Greens official criticizes human rights situation in China (BBC)
5. Tibetan Foods Exported to HK (Xinhua)
6. Life Expectancy Doubled in Tibet (Xinhua)

Tuesday, April 9

1. (Australian)PM 'snubbing Dalai Lama' (The Australian)
2. Tanak Jigme Sangpo Says He Has High Blood Pressure (ICT)
3. The Other Tibet (The Australian)
4. Tibet is Very Attractive: U.S. Ambassador to China (Xinhua)
5. Tibet Plans Huge Investment in Rural Highway Construction (Xinhua)

Wednesday, April 10

1. Campaigners angry as China escapes hostile UN rights resolution (AFP)
2. Tibet NGOs slam political apathy by European Union on China at the UNCHR
3. China: United Nations Fails to Act (HRW)
5. Tibet cited in Oral Statements UN Human Rights Body Cuts NGO Speaking Time
6. Oral Statement on behalf of International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR)
7. Oral statement on behalf of Worldview International Foundation

Thursday, April 11

1. China to direct 18 bln dlrs of bonds into developing western region (AFP)
2. 'I live and dream only of a free Tibet' (TOI)
3. Tibetan script makes a comeback in Pakistan (TOI)
4. Dalai Lama's doc and Men Tsee Khang (TOI)
5. NZ Parliamentarians Visit Tibet (Xinhua)
6. Tibet Rebuilds Old Urban Houses (Xinhua)
7. War crimes court promises universal justice, faces political realities (AFP)

Friday, April 12

1. UN condemned over rights 'failure' (SCMP)
2. China Escapes UN Human Rights Rebuke (VOA)
3. US ambassador requests meeting with freed Tibetan prisoner
4. Tibetan culture gets a tech boost (MSNBC)
5. Numbers of rare cranes in Tibet on the rise (AFP)
6. An illusory gateway to a fabled land (TOI)

Saturday, April 13

1. China cheers U.N. silence on rights (CNN)
2. Protests mark Jiang's German visit (CNN)
3. Tibet to tinsel town: Lopsang's on a role! (TOI)
4. Why China Cooks the Books (Newsweek)

Sunday, April 14

1. HK press freedom under cloud (The Australian)
2. Tibet to Boost Development of Own Medicines (Xinhua)
3. Teach-in and movies in Indiana (ID)
4. Peace is his mantra (TOI)

Monday, April 15

2. Thousands at risk of Himalayan glacier floods - study

Monday, April 15 (2)

1. Geologist warns of Tibet rail quake risk (SCMP)
2. Hong Kong researcher reveals humans in Tibet during Ice Age (AFP)
3. Dalai Lama's Personal Choir on Tour in North America (AP)
4. EU supports economic and social reforms in China Brussels (IRNA)
5. Campaigner tells of 'endgame' before prisoner's release (SCMP)

Tuesday, April 16

1. Tibetans accuse China of arresting venerated monk in homeland (AFP)
2. Death of a poet and scholar: obituary of Jigme Thegchog (TIN)
3. Geo-factor 'no problem' for railway project (China Daily)

Wednesday, April 17

1. Chinese students try to disrupt Tibetan cultural show

Thursday, April 18

1. Bicycling for Release of the Panchen Lama Tibetans Hold A Vigil for the Panchen Lama
2. Colombians to press case at BP annual meeting (FT)
3. 'Chinese soldiers' applaud BP's support for exploitation of Tibet while chairman stonewalls Tibetans at company AGM (FTC)
4. Air Price to Tibet Cut by 30 Percent

Thursday, April 18 (2)

1. Some schools teach in a similar way to Chinese schools, without Tibetan language courses. This situation is found in the areas where most students are Chinese and in some cities which have been included in Tibetan regions by allocation.

Friday, April 19

1. Footage Shows Buddhist Institute Demolition (AFP)
2. Monks say secret film shows Chinese destruction of Tibet's largest religious institute (AP)
3. Tibetans tell of China's assault on hermitage (TI)
4. "Religious work" for the new century; the implementation of Party policy in Sichuan province (TIN)
5. UK Expresses Concern on China's Conduct In Tibet
6. Oral Statement by Ms. Tsewang Lhadon on behalf of International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR)

Saturday, April 20

1. Smuggled video shows Chinese razing Tibetan Buddhist centre (TG)
2. Film Footage smuggled out of Tibet shows Destruction of Tibet's largest Religious Institute (TCHRD)
3. German Parliament Adopts Tibet Resolution

Monday, April 22

1. Lobsang Gyatso - Tibetan News newscaster at VOA
2. Tibetan Lama Celebrates 13th Birthday in Captivity

Wednesday, April 24

1. Tibetan Odyssey (HA)
2. The KARMAPA's daring escape from China keeps hope alive for Tibetans (TA)
3. H.H. the Dalai Lama will visit Austria from 11th to 23rd October
4. New Railway to Lhasa Raises Environmental Concerns
5. Bomb blast in Chengdu (TIN)

Friday, April 25

1. His Holiness To Visit three East European Countries
2. Tibet Visit Excites Bhutan Speaker (PD)
3. Rogge warns China could lose Games over human rights record (AFP)

Friday, April 26

1. Panchen Lama's birthday celebrated (TNS)
2. Bay Area Tibetans and supporters commemorate Panchen Lama’s Birthday
3. Panchen Lama’s Birthday in India
4. World's Third Biggest Canyon in Tibet: Scientists (PD)
5. Buddhist nun gives voice to Tibetan women's cause (BG)
6. U.S. Visit Will Reveal Little About China's Heir Apparent
7. Rallying support for Tibet

Saturday, April 27

1. Ngodupąs statue to be unveiled on April 29 (TNS)
2. Former Tibet Party boss to be China's next leader (ICT)
3. China's doors open up

Sunday, April 28

1. North America Tibetan Representative and Students for Free Tibet join the People's March for Economic Justice in Santa Barbara, California
2. The demo in Paris has been all right today !

Monday, April 29

1. Demonstrators and supporters gather to meet Hu in New York (AP)
2. Hu's vision for China (CNN)
3. Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) observed "Martyr's Day" (TYC)
4. Old Lhasa Being Demolished! (SFT)
5. The lifelong trudge to a state of wonder and serenity (ST)

Tuesday, April 30

1. Chinese Authorities Demolish Traditional Tibetan Houses in Lhasa (ICT)
2. Further demolitions of historic buildings in Lhasa (TIN)
3. Tributes paid to Tibetan martyr (TNS)
4. Pawo Thupten Ngodup: Man behind the martyr
5. Last Post for Beijing journalist (TA)
6. China's Heir Apparent (WP)
7. The Chinese Regime's Heir Apparent (NYT)

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