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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: August, 2002

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Wednesday, August 1

1. Budding pupils
2. While the wise men of India talk and sleep

Friday, August 2

1. Winds of change stir in Beijing
2. Released Tibetan prisoner ups pressure on Beijing
3. The Touch easy choice for Crouching Tiger star
4. New Buddhist Journal Features Guide to Pilgrimage in Nepal and India

Saturday, August 3

1. Buddhist forum Session includes talk on the status and role of Dalai Lama and meditation class
2. Zhu meets his Panchen Lama, defends Tibet policy
3. Trulku Tenzin Delek detained in Dartsedo County
4. Donated artworks to debut
5. Journey to Nirvana begins with a single step

Sunday, August 4

1. Tibetan Buddhist monk brings an outpouring of happiness to Skagit County
2. Tibetan monks create a colorful symbol
3. Getting Asian-Americans Into the Picture

Monday, August 5

1. Out of the Red The KARMAPA's daring escape from China keeps hope alive for Tibetans
2. For Tibetans, an Inspiration Emerges
3. Fight to free Tibet: We're not stopping
4. Book traces origin & history of Drukpa Kagyud
5. Shangri-la----a wonderful place

Tuesday, August 6

1. China's Panchen Lama is no Tibetan Panchen Lama
2. The Tenth Panchen Lama
3. Chronology of Events Surrounding Recognition of 11th Panchen Lama
4. Tibetans resent Chinaąs interference

Wednesday, August 7

1. Country profile: China
2. Cynicism as Intelligence: Symptom of an American Tragedy?
3. Buddha was born in Orissa, says study
4. Hackers to Beijing: Have a Cow!
5. SEVEN YEARS NOT IN TIBET - Tibet's Stolen Child

Thursday, August 8

1. Restrictions on travelling to Kailash; officials discouraged from going on pilgrimage
2. Railway Construction Makes Way for Rare Antelope
3. Communities share ethnic culture, cuisine
4. Tibetan Medical Clinic Opens in Wisconsin

Friday, August 9

1. Unesco takes on China over future of Tibet's past
2. Dalai Lama's Brother Urges China to Lift Tibet Curbs, Open Talks
3. Tibetans will soon be minority in Lhasa, admits official
4. Half of Lhasa's population are Chinese immigrants
5. Dalai Lama not invited to attend religion conference in Cambodia
6. On the defensive about Tibet, China launches campaign to change = foreign views=20

Saturday, August 10

1. Tibet No Worried About Propaganda
2. China defends record in Tibet
3. Dalai Lama's brother 'met officials' during first Tibet trip in 50 years
4. Australian firms win $101b China gas contract
5. Annual unveiling of Buddha image draws Tibetan faithful
6. Central Government Never Has Immigration Plans to Tibet: Official
7. Ethnic Chinese migration to 'swamp Tibetan culture'
8. Crowning glory for Miss Tibet
9. Shoton Festival celebrated in Tibet

Sunday, August 11

1. The Right to Development on the Tibetan Plateau (HRT)
2. Progress Hems In Nomadic Herders of Tibet

Monday, August 12

1. Police Detain 5 Tibet Monks for Songs, Flag-Raising
2. Brother of Dalai Lama visits Tibet
3. Yahoo! risks complicity with China, warns rights group
4. Chinese Lotteries: a Shortcut to Instant Riches

Tuesday, August 13

1. Tibetan festival shows divide between rulers and ruled
2. Nature Photographers Killed in Crash
3. Dalai Lama's emissary calls for talks with Zemin
4. His Holiness the Dalai Lama Receives the Humanitarian Award for Peace and Understanding
5. China 'sending dissidents to mental hospitals'
6. Yahoo! silent on censorship claims

Wednesday, August 14

1. Willing the Rainbow to Life
2. First Tibetan model appears on catwalk
3. Alcatel cuts wireless deals in China

Thursday, August 15

1. India, China discuss border trade
2. China plans to build railroad to Tibet
3. Russia may bar Dalai Lama visit
4. American Buddhist teacher to give Tibetan meditation talk
5. Chinese chided over treatment of dissidents

Friday, August 16

1. Russia rules out visit by Dalai Lama
2. Tibet tour to 'set story straight'
3. New punishment block at Drapchi prison
4. Aust urging China to talk with Dalai Lama: Downer
5. Circle of faith
6. Exhibition on Tibet
7. China's capitalists get a party invitation

Saturday, August 17

1. Russia, in Reversal, Rejects Dalai Lama Visit
2. Kremlin bows to China, cancels Dalai Lama's trip - Decision may signal Russian policy shift
3. Russia blocks Dalai Lama visit

Sunday, August 18

1. 10 Held for Protesting Ban on Dalai Lama
2. Moscow spikes Dalai Lama's visit
3. China campaigns to change foreign image of Tibet

Monday, August 19

1. UN human rights chief warns China of 'deep concern' on final visit
2. Tibetan Monks Quietly Complain to Foreign Media About Life Under Chinese Rule
3. Hu leaves firm footprints in Tibet
4. Out of seclusion, touring Tibetan monks absorb Chicago
5. Cold War blank

Tuesday, August 20

1. Russian Buddhists should not set hopes upon Putin
2. Buddhist Protest
3. Russian clerics comment on Dalai Lama visa
4. Dalai Lama on 18-day tour of Ladakh
5. China still a 'cause for deep concern': Robinson
6. UN rights chief pressures China on detained boy Panchen Lama
7. Tibetan Service Gets Unexpected Listener Reaction
8. Romance surrounds Lhasa eatery
9. Mounting fears for antelopes

Wednesday, August 21

2. UN Rights Chief Ends China Mission With Appeal on Tibet and Xinjiang
3. U.N.'s Robinson sees slight progress on China rights
4. Tourism brings dangerous life blood to Tibet
6. Dalai Lama's "greater Tibet" defies Tibetan people's will
7. A Touch Familiar

Thursday, August 22

1. Russian Buddhists protest government's refusal to grant Dalai Lama a visa
2. 100 Buddhists picket Moscow ministry for barring Dalai Lama visit
3. China's railway to Tibet erodes nomadic life
4. Chinese authorities closed down a private Tibetan school
6. Most stranded passengers fly out from Lhasa airport

Friday, August 23

1. 30 Buddhists Detained for Protesting
2. Police Arrest Supporters of Dalai Lama
3. A Lack of Courage
4. Report Says Tibetans Escaping Persecution Face Increasingly Hostile Reception in Nepal
5. Political activists hog limelight at Earth Summit prelude
6. China's plan to 'reform' herders of Tibet spurs culture clash
7. Air flights resume to Tibet after suspension

Saturday, August 24

1. China buffs image in Tibet with beauty contest
2. Learning to Be Chinese
3. China's plan to 'reform' herders of Tibet spurs culture clash
4. Scottish doctor recites Tibet poem at Edinburgh Festival

Sunday, August 25


Monday, August 26

1. Deemed a road to ruin
2. Rail on track to transform Tibet
3. Tibet says Dalai Lama barred from Earth Summit
4. China is full of dichotomies.
5. Indian poetess makes waves
6. 'Saltmen' is something to be savored
7. Tibet: The Secret Continent by Michel Peissel

Tuesday, August 27

1. Tibetan Community May Be Tiny But It Roars
2. Tibetans at Earth Summit protest against Chinese rule
3. Update from WSSD 2002
4. Gilat wins $10 mln Tibet satellite deal
5. Out of seclusion, touring Tibetan monks absorb U.S.
6. In the name of her father
7. Defying death along river of no return

Wednesday, August 28

1. China's Economic Policy Reinforces Poverty in Tibet
2. Li Peng Should Not Be Welcomed to Australia
3. Tibetans at Earth Summit protest against Chinese rule
4. Tibetan Refugees Protest At the Summit
5. From a Tibetan at WSSD - South Africa.
6. "Folk Fest Redux" - Chaksam Pa

Thursday, August 29

1. Dalai Lama criticizes U.S. war on terrorism, condemns use of violence
2. Asiana Airlines accused of denying the Dalai Lama transit flight under Chinese pressure
3. Chinese Hand Suspected in Denial of Dalai Lama's Transit
4. Govt Disrespect Toward Dalai Lama
5. Visa for Dalai Lama sought
6. China Watchers: Will Dalai Lama Follow Brother's Tibet Visit?
7. Lhasa, a Chinese town in Tibet

Thursday, August 29 (2)

1. Tibetans NGOs Condemn Chinese Statement at Global People's Forum
2. Tibet Justice Center Testifies at UN Human Security Commission
3. News Update - Tibet at WSSD
4. Remember Lithang!

Friday, August 30

1. Dalai Lama adds voice to chorus warning U.S.
2. Dalai Lama cancels trip to Mongolia due to travel restrictions
3. Bush's Bizarro World

Saturday, August 31

1. Gyalo Dhondup Visits Dharamsala
2. Chinese snaffle the ultimate tourism brand
3. MPs show concern for Tibet
4. People and Nature Co-exist Harmoniously in Tibet
5. New Class in Tibet

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