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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."
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WTN Archives: December, 2003

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Sunday, December 1

1. Six Tibetan monks sentenced to prison terms in China: rights group
2. Tibetan Antelopes Face Threat to Survival

Tuesday, December 2

1. Quakes likely to occur in central India:
2. Record tax revenue collected in Tibet
3. Urgent demand for power supply to be met at river cradle

Wednesday, December 3

1. Tibet's Gamble - Can the Dalai Lama's China talks succeed?
2. Karmapa controversy hots up
3. China Should Release Tibetan Monk Prisoner
4. Trulku Tenzin Delek: a year since the death verdict
5. Free Tibet activists launch global countdown campaign to save Tenzin Deleg Rinpoche
6. Plea to commute death sentence of Tibetan leader
7. Chinese leader Jia in Nepal to open two more border posts with Tibet
8. Movie Service Makes Life Easier for Tibetan Lamas
9. Ancient Tibetan dynasty site compete for World Heritage Site

Thursday, December 4

1. Monks meet leader, others catch a glimpse
2. Homes turn guest houses for Dalai visit
3. The Office of Tibet in New York Launches Spanish language website and Quarterly Newsmagazine
4. Six year sentence for Yeshe Gyatso
5. Yeshi Gyatso Sentenced to Six Years
6. Nepal, China agree to open up two new trade routes
7. Nepal Rebuffs China, Restricts Commerce
8. China Constructs Road Near Nangpa La to Stem Flow of Tibetan Refugees to Nepal
9. Tibetans Fired upon by Chinese Border Police

Friday, December 5

1. We are open for talks with Dalai Lama (TOI)
2. China denies 'talks' with envoys of the Dalai Lama
3. Chinese Premier's Statement on Tibet Raise Questions of Sincerity on Talks
4. Desmond Tutu says Tibet's freedom must be initiated by Dharamsala
5. Dalai invokes faith & science - People flock from india and beyond to listen to his holiness
6. Panel examines Beijing/Dalai Lama negotiations
7. Wen hails launch of Tibetan Culture Week in Thailand
8. Enraptured by China

Saturday, December 6

1. Time running out for Dalai Lama
2. Living dharma and loving it
3. The Gu Chu Sum Movement defend Tenzin Delek from the UK.
4. Tibetan Muslims relive homeland memories
5. LAHORE: Bilqees Edhi leaves for India today
6. Thai PM sends greetings on '2003 China Tibetan Culture Week'
7. Sacred Tibetan Chant CD Nominated for Grammy

Sunday, December 7

1. Lost horizons of Lhasa

Monday, December 8

1. Over the Lost Horizon (Newsday)
2. 'Song of Tibet' unveils Tibetan movie exhibition in Thailand
3. Books on King Gesser Recommended

Tuesday, December 9

1. China's opportunity to resolve Tibet issue
2. Himachal plans to attract pilgrim tourists
3. Peace call ends Dalai visit
4. Wen Jiabao greeted with anger and demonstration by Tibetans at New York City
5. Tibetan chant CD's Grammy hope
6. Tibetans Hope Grammy Nod Brings Attention
7. `Little Lhasa' belies Tibet ideal
8. Why indifference to Dalai Lama?
9. Tibetan Jail Cry

Wednesday, December 10

1. Islam not a militant faith: Dalai Lama
2. Berkeley volunteers improve karma by helping Tibetans
3. TCHRD Commemorates 55th Human Rights Day
4. Death after Detention
5. FIFA sparks Tibet row By
6. 'Tangka' Paintings Bring a Legend to Life
7. Tibet bus crash kills 14

Wednesday, December 10 (2)


Thursday, December 11

1. China Mocks Human Rights Day Tibetan Monk Sentenced to Execution
2. Chinese Premier Urged to Stop Monk's Execution
3. Tibet Activists Protest Inside Chinese Premier's Hotel
4. Tibetans Rally in Washington, D.C. as Bush Meets Wen Jiabao
5. Protestor disrupts Chinese premier speech at Harvard
6. FIFA apologizes to China over Tibet listing

Thursday, December 11 (2)

1. Canada Should Broker Tibet China Negotiation
2. Prime Minister must include Tibet in talks with China
3. Dalai Lama stresses importance of India-Pakistan peace
4. Dalai Lama regrets misuse of religion
5. His Holiness endorse 'Principles of Responsibility'
6. About 200 protest in Chinese capital on International Human Rights Day
7. Tibetans protest at the World Summit on Information Society
8. Tibetans protest Chinese censorship at UN information summit
9. Tibetans at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva

Friday, December 12

1. Canada has role in Tibet
2. Canada Groups Want Wen Pressed on Issues
3. Tibetans, Britishers remember suffering Tibet on Human Rights Day
4. Monastery sacred chants good for Tibetan cause
5. A British charity committed to help elderly Tibetans
7. APIPFFT hold meeting with Kalon Tripa
8. Indian Lawyers Meeting on Tibet held in Delhi
9. China transports army recruits mostly by rail

Saturday, December 13

1. Spiritual practice is a stabiliser The Dalai Lama
2. Facelift for Dalai Lama's adopted home
3. Training offered to Tibetans to compete in Chinese-dominated job market

Sunday, December 14

1. Boycott 'Made in China' for a Free Tibet, a Free China and a Freer, Fairer World Economic Order
3. World's longest epic still told, sung by folk artists in China
4. More Tibetan Sutras Available
5. Containment will win US no allies

Monday, December 15

1. Pro-China-Tibet Negotiation Rally Dogs Premier on Visit to Canada's Capital
2. Not just for argument's sake
3. The Himalayas Updated - notes on the way, by Christian Lanciai.

Tuesday, December 16

1. Dalai Lama embodies Tibetan hopes
2. China Mobile Deploys Vyyo Solutions in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region
3. Deki to represent Tibet in Miss Tourism World
4. China issues first ever list of "terrorist" groups

Wednesday, December 17

1. His Holiness to Give Teaching From 29-31 December
2. Tibetan Awareness program at Mysore "the city of palaces and gardens"
3. Exiled Tibetans accuse China of killing prisoner
4. A Tibetan Teacher sentenced to five years' imprisonment term
5. Tibetan Political Prisoner Succumbs to Torture

Thursday, December 18

1. Solution to Tibet issue in sight: Dalai Lama
2. Dalai Lama, Tutu top list for Vancouver gathering
3. "Shaping the Future of Tibet"
4. Jetsun Pema la speaks to small group of Tibetans at Tibet House in NYC

Friday, December 19

1. Britain raises rights, Tibet with China; frowns on Taiwan referendum
2. Younger Tibetans are angry, want to secede from China
3. EP strong debate of the EU Embargo on arms sales to China
5. Gold Fields' Tibetan venture ploughs on
6. Modern life style sweeps across ancient Tibet monasteries

Saturday, December 20

2. Kashag's statement on the 14th anniversary of the conferment of the Nobel Peace Prize to His Holiness the Dalai Lama
3. Irish Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs hearing on Tibet
4. Kitt pledges EUR200,000 for Tibetan Community in India
5. Tibet sees booming foreign trade

Sunday, December 21

1. Dalai Lama returns from foreign tour
2. Dalai Lama representative meets Govt
3. HC issues summons to Lama, 17th Karmapa
4. China's education record of Tibet Disappoints UN expert
5. Tibetan chance

Monday, December 22

1. Feminine Face of Buddhism Emerging
2. Far from the madding crowd Store offers peace, not a holiday crush
3. Chinese whispers

Tuesday, December 23

1. Tibet and the Olympic factor
2. Snowy peaks, lamas, tribals echo the old, vanished Tibet
3. Concern for imprisoned female head-teacher of children's home
4. Seven of 18 Tibetans Repatriated from Nepal Still Imprisoned; New Prison in Shigatse Designated for Tibetan Refugees

Tuesday, December 23 (2)

1. A Ten Year-Old Canadian Writes to Prime Minister Martin
2. Chen adds Mongolia to strait debate
3. Harvard student faces discipline for shouting at Chinese Premier
4. UN mission to China critical of poor education standards in Tibet
5. Dutch Parliament Backs EU Special Representative for Tibet
6. Tibetan-American woman honored at international pageant
7. Tibet won't forget gift of freedom
8. Internet connects Ngari with the world
9. Is yak here to stay, or is it just a yarn?

Wednesday, December 24

1. ANNOUNCEMENT: The New Year Interviews with Kalon Tripa Samdhong Rinpoche
2. Ireland Discusses Tibet on Eve of EU Presidency
3. The tale of two Karmapas
4. Revelations of a Tibetan monk Music in the Sky by Michele Martin

Thursday, December 25

1. Ireland Reaffirms its Tibet Concern (TibetNet)
2. Statement by Neil Steedman, Founder Chairman of Tibet Support Group -Ireland
3. Cyclist braves heat for children of Tibet
4. Halifax a quirky heart of Buddhism

Friday, December 26

1. New Regional Chapter of TWA in Toronto/Ontario, Canada
2. Beijing undermines its neighbors
4. Tibetan beauty goes from tending cattle to winning pageants

Saturday, December 27

1. Tibetan Buddhism the Western way
2. Good intentions can't save 'Tibet' from its fate

Sunday, December 28

1. Missing in the Middle Kingdom
2. Indo-Tibet border areas receive heavy snowfall
3. Doctor reaches Tibetan Plateau

Monday, December 29

1. Tibetan HQ in Dharamshala to get a facelift
2. Indian rebels fleeing Bhutan ask China for safe passage
3. Buddhist retreat plans stir a community

Tuesday, December 30

1. China must recognise Tibet as an autonomous State: Ripoche
2. Jiongba Tibetan Drama Has Insurance
3. The Peace and Unification Promotion Association of ANZAC Makes Dinner to Welcome China Tibetologist Delegation
4. Assam rebels appeals to China for safe passage into Tibet

Wednesday, December 31

1. Kalon Tripa Misquoted in PTI Story
2. His Holiness to Teach full text of Bodhicharyavatara
3. Kalon Tripa Inaugurates Training Camp
4. Investors eye Tibet's untapped wealth

Wednesday, December 31 (2)

2. The End of Florida Splendid China
3. Controversial Chinese Theme Park in Florida to Close
4. Chinese Journal Discusses Chinese Perception of the Dalai Lama
5. A mandala on First Night

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