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WTN Archives: February, 2003

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Sunday, February 2

1. Exile Government not involved with founding of Taiwan Tibet group says PM
2. Urbanisation of Tibet gathers pace: official (AFP)

Wednesday, February 5

1. China gags kin of executed, jailed Tibetans in bomb case: report (AFP)
2. Tibetans in India protest against separatist's execution (AFP)
3. EU expresses regret at execution in China (AFP)
5. Condolence from the Dalai Lama for the Columbia Astronauts

Thursday, February 6

1. Dalai Lama: Holding out hope (BBC)
2. China gags relatives of Tibetans in bombing case (RFA)
3. Rural standards of living in the TAR still below 1992 levels
4. Peace Chant
5. Declaration by the EU on the execution of Lobsang Dhondup

Friday, February 7

1. On the Significance of Normalizing Taiwan-Tibetan Relations (WTN)

Saturday, February 8

1. Beijing in talks on Dalai Lama's return (The Guardian)
2. Half a century of exile cannot crush Tibetan dreams (The Guardian)
3. India sees China as opportunity rather than threat
4. Professor works to free Tibet (IS)
5. Government in Tibet to Tackle Key Problems for Locals (PD)
6. Tibet culture photographs displayed
7. Touring Buddhist monks make stop in Borrego Springs

Sunday, February 9

1. Tibetan triangle (SCMP)
2. Finding Happiness: Cajole Your Brain to Lean to the Left (NYT)
3. Expo on Buddhist culture at Auroville (IE)
4. Tibetans and Palestinians: a false assumption

Monday, February 10

1. 2002 Annual Report: Human Rights Situation in Tibet (TCHRD)
2. SPEAKING FREELY: China's Mideast dilemma
3. AI Further information on Tenzin Deleg Rinpoche and others
4. Letter to Editor (WTN)
5. For the Record Statement by Canadian MP in the House

Wednesday, February 12

1. China holding more than 200 Tibetans as political prisoners, human rights group says (AP)
2. In no mood for dissent (Economist)
3. Lost Treasures of Tibet (PBS)

Friday, February 14

1. Kalon Tripa Optimistic, Calls for Mass' Support (Phayul)
2. Taiwan-Tibet Exchange Foundation launched to promote closer relations (TJ)
3. Letter: Re. AP Story 81 Tibetan political prisoners executed (WTN)
4. FREEDOM SONG: Interview with Tenzin Tsundue
5. COMMENTARY: India fast forgetting the lessons of 1962
6. US Congressional-Exec Commission on China: staff paper on executed Tibetan
7. FTC Press Release: EU urged to call for enquiry into execution of Tibetan
8. ITIM Press Release: Tibet supporters march for independence

Sunday, February 16

1. Remote Indian border state seeks security from China (AFP)
2. Human Rights Group Says China 'Repressive' in 2002 (Reuters)
3. Arunachal wants roads along border to meet Chinese threat (HT)
4. Don't worry, be happy (Age)
5. New technology gives rail builders abundant oxygen in Tibet (Xinhua)

Wednesday, February 19

1. Obituary of Lobsang Damchoe (TIN)
2. Clues to Legendary Tibetan Culture Emerge (WP)
3. Chen Shui-bian Collaborates With 'Tibetan Independent' Forces (Ta Kung Pao)

Friday, February 21

1. Beijing-picked Panchen Lama pledges loyalty to Communist Party
2. Senior CPC leader meets 11th Panchen

Saturday, February 22

1. Students for a Free Tibet host six-day conference
2. Tibetans share their pain
3. New Hindu-Buddhist cooperation forum to be set up in UK

Sunday, February 23

1. From a Chinese Cell, a Lama's Influence Remains Undimmed
2. Dawa Dolma and Woeser Kyap Jongdong

Monday, February 24

1. China tries to quell ethnic strife near Tibet
2. Tibetan returnees celebrate upcoming Tibetan New Year
3. China Is Wary of Toeing the U.S. Line
4. Lessons from Kosovo

Tuesday, February 25

1. TYC Set to Start All-India March
2. LTWA to launch online database soon

Wednesday, February 26

1. Tibetans urged to keep protests low-key on uprising anniversary

Wednesday, February 28

1. Tibet talk at the French political science institute in Paris
2. Tibetans welcomes year of sheep with a big cheer (TN)

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