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Wednesday, July 2, 2003

1. TIPA celebrates its 44th anniversary (Tibet.Net)


The Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA), the
exile-based institute which has been entrusted with
the responsibility of keeping the age-old tradition of
Tibetan opera and music alive, celebrated its 44th
year of existence on 30 June.

Much like the rest of the institutes in the Tibetan
exile community, TIPA was first started with lots of
dreams and hopes and today it has established itself
as a premier institute of traditional music. Beginning
with a small group of professional artistes, today it
is a full-fledged school of learning of the unique
Tibetan opera tradition. Its success is clearly
reflected through its works- annual activities,
researches in the traditional arts, reviving those
strands of culture now becoming extinct, performing on
the international stage, a culture school and a
handicraft section.

The annual celebration of its inception is in fact a
culmination of a month long preparation of traditional
and modern dances and songs. The highlight of the
occasion is the cultural competition between two teams
Ngonpa and Gyaloo. Every year, the two groups present
dances and songs which were hitherto never performed
on stage. The researching of the traditional music
takes the artistes to far away remote places and often
encountering some of the most interesting characters
of our fading generation.

Last year, a new dance from Kham Mirik was brought on
the stage. This year, it is a Kyemtong dance performed
by the Ngonpa team. Kyemtong is a region that lies in
the border of northern part of Kongpo region and south
of Dagpo (part of lhoka region). The place was once
known for its paper production for the Tibetan
currency notes before 1959. Kyemtong residents lead a
semi nomadic life. A unique feature in Kyemtong's life
is the annual Yak race ceremony held in the ninth
month of the Tibetan calendar, during which the
participants perform special dances. As a border
region, it is also a confluence of the two different
traditions from the north and south: This is most
clearly depicted from the inhabitants' dress and way
of life.

This year again, much to the disappointment of Gyaloo
team, Ngonpa bagged the prize. In the competition, the
two teams performed two dances and two songs each. In
the evening, the senior artistes entertained the young
trainees with a variety show.

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