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Monday, January 12, 2004

4. Cycle rally for Free Tibet flagged off in Vijayawada (TYC)

January 12, 2004

The opening ceremony of the Cycle rally for FREE TIBET was held at
Siddhartha Medical College with presence of eminent personality like Shri.
Padmashri Turlapati Kuntumba Rao, recipient of the (President Padmashri
award) for excellence in journalism. He has written a biography of H.H Dalai
Lama in Telegu and also a firm supporter of the Tibetan cause was the chief
guest. Shri. P. Koteswara Rao, Buddhist, who wrote several books about
Gautama buddha in Telegu and also won rave reviews in the press for his
wonderful musical play on the life of Buddha was the guest of honour. The
program was further given a life and light by the presence of relentless and
consistent Tibet supporter, Mr. C.Anjaniaya Reddy (I.P.S) chairman and
managing director of Andhra Pradesh Tourism. He is man behind the recent
shrine of Buddhist in Hyderabad, which was kindly consecrated by H.H. the
Dalai Lama in April 2003. The opening ceremony was also witness with huge
gathering including other eminent dignitaries, the college faculties,
students and media person.

The cyclist paid homage to the Buddha statue at Siddartha Medical College
before the beginning of rally. The senior journalist and chief guest
Shri.Padmashri Turlapati Kuntumba Rao flagged it off. The cyclist would take
seven days to cover the 385 kilometres to culminate at Hyderabad on 18th
January with grand program with the presence of Indian celebrity after
covering up major cities of Kondapalli, Thiruvuru, Wyra, Khammam, Dornakal,
Mahbubabad, Nekkond, Warangal, Ghanpur, Jangaon, Aler, Bhongir, Bibi Nagar,
Ghat Kesar and so on. The objectives of this cycle rally campaign of RTYC
Vijayawada is to reach out and create awareness among local Indian public on
the Tibetan issue by distributing Tibet related materials, film screening
and organize public meetings and performing Tibetan traditional culture

A total number of 37 RTYC Vijaywada members had already gone through
following cities,Vijayawada,Kondapalli, Mayalavaram ,Thiruvuru and covered
about 75 km on the first day. They received immense response and
encouragement for the movement of FREE TIBET and mobilize large no of Indian
supporter from all walk of life. The local people were enlightened on Tibet
issue through different leaflet, screening documentary movie and performed
exclusive Tibetan traditional culture dance.

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