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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

3. Tibetans protest exclusion at lawmakers session of anti-globalisation forum (AFP)

BOMBAY, Jan 18 (AFP) - A meeting of 400 lawmakers on
the sidelines of an anti-globalisation conference
opened Sunday in controversy as Tibetans protested
that three members of their parliament-in-exile were
not taking part.

Around 50 maroon-robed monks covered their mouths with
black cloth and held an hour-long vigil at the doors
of the World Parliamentary Forum, holding a anner "WPF

gags Tibetans."

Francis Wurtz, a French member of the European
parliament and promoter of the WPF, said organisers
wanted to let the Tibetans participate with at least
observer status.

One of the protesters charged that India had insisted
the Tibetans not take part in the parliamentary forum.

India hosts Tibet's spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama,
but does not recognise the government-in-exile set up
with his guidance in the northern hill station

Some 500 Tibetans are taking part in the World Social
Forum, a six-day convention of 100,000
anti-globalisation activists, with monks holding
hourly protests shouting "Make Tibet a zone of peace."

The parliamentary forum includes lawmakers from 20
nationalities, most of them communists, socialists and
ecologists. Some 120 Indians and 40 lawmakers from
Pakistan are taking part in the forum.

The two-day meeting of lawmakers will draft a
declaration "that will make a commitment on liberalist
globalisation, the problem of debt, war and peace" and
other issues,

Wurtz said.

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