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Thursday, January 22, 2004

1. Kashag Condoles the Death of an Ex-Political Prisoner (TN)

January 22, 2004

Dharamsala, January 22 - A former political prisoner
had passed away at his home on 15 January, 2004 at
12:10 PM in Lhasa, according to reports from Tibet.
The Central Tibetan Administration today expressed its
deep remorse over the passing away of Yeshi Gyatso. In
a press statement issued here, Kalon Thupten Lungrik,
the Kalon for the Departments of Religion and Culture
and Education of the Central Tibetan Administration,
said "The Kashag mourns the passing away of Yeshi
Gyatso and sends its deep condolences and prayers to
the family members of the deceased."

Kalon Thupten Lungrik said that the Tibetan people
owe a great debt of gratitude to Yeshi Gyatso for his
unflinching advocacy of the rights of the Tibetan
people under extremely difficult circumstances.

Yeshi Gyatso, a member of the Lhasa City's Chinese
People's Political Consultative Conference, was
arrested from his home in Lhasa on 16 June 2003 for
suspected involvement in political activities. Two
other Tibetans, Dawa Tashi and Bhuchung, students at
the Tibet University at Lhasa were arrested with him.
Yeshi Gyatso was released from prison in mid-November
2003 on medical ground and because of mistreatment
while in prison he has suffered constant ill health.
In August 2003, the Chinese authorities confirmed to
foreign journalist visiting Tibet that they had
detained Yeshi Gyatso and several others. In response
to the questions by a reporter from Associated Press,
the Vice Mayor of Lhasa City, while confirming the
detention of Yeshi Gyatso, alleged that Yeshi Gyatso
had engaged in "separatist" activities that violated
the law of the People's Republic of China. However,
the Chinese authorities failed to clearly specify the
charges over which he was imprisoned and the nature of
his political activities.

Yeshi Gyatso was earlier sentenced to six years’
imprisonment in October or November last year in a
trial by Lhasa city’s People’s Intermediate Court,
reports said. But there were no confirmations about
the sentence from the Chinese authorities.

On 27 June 2003, reacting to the arrest of Yeshi
Gyatso, Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche, the Kalon Tripa of
the Central Tibetan Administration, urged “the Chinese
authorities to release the three Tibetans who were
arrested in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa in the
morning of 16 June.” Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche also
urged “the Chinese authorities to ensure that the
three Tibetans are given a free and fair trial and
that they are not mistreated while under police

Yeshi Gyatso was first arrested in 1959 and spent 10
years at Lhasa's Drapchi prison. He spent another 10
years in Sangyip prison and was subjected to labour
through re-education. Yeshi Gyatso was a civil servant
in pre-59 Tibet. He is survived by his wife and two
children. He was seventy-one.

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