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Friday, January 9, 2004

4. Advani endorses Dalai Lama's Ayodhya call (RC) - India
Jan 9, 2004

Deputy Prime Lal Kishenchand Advani on Friday asked the Hindu and Muslim
communities to arrive at an amicable settlement of the Ayodhya issue saying
the government would act as the facilitator.

Reacting to the appeal by Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama asking the
two communities to adopt 'a mature, farsighted and open-minded' approach to
resolve the temple-mosque dispute, Advani said, "The government would not
only encourage but also actively participate in any serious and reasonable
effort to settle the issue in an amicable manner."

Welcoming the Dalai Lama's statement, he said, "I am sure the Hindu
organisations, which are endeavouring to build a temple for Shri Ram will
also be keen to settle the issue by dialogue."

"I am sure that we will use whatever persuasive power we in the government
and in the BJP have over those who had launched the movement for Ram Temple
at Ayodhya to participate in any amicable settlement on Ayodhya," Advani

The Tibetan spiritual leader had said the dispute, which remained a bone of
contention for over two decades but was a 'temporary aberration', could be
resolved through 'mutual trust, mutual faith and mutual respect'.

Observing the recent breakthrough in Islamabad between India and Pakistan
was not considered by either parties as a matter of 'victory or loss',
Advani said the Ayodhya issue should also be seen in the same light.

"If a similar approach is adopted to resolve the Ayodhya issue by the two
communities, it will be good for the nation as a whole," he said.

"If the Muslim community comes forward to cooperate with the Hindus in
fulfilling their aspirations of building a Ram Temple at Ram Janmasthaan,
the Hindus also should step forward to remove the concerns from the minds of
the Muslims," he said.

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