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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: January, 2004

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Thursday, January 1

1. Part One: Tibet-China Negotiations

Friday, January 2

1. Dalai Lama's New Year yatra
2. Karmapa Lama prays for world peace
4. Chinese Journal Discusses Chinese Perception of the Dalai Lama
5. New passenger terminal opens at Tibet airport

Saturday, January 3

1. Further thaw likely in India-China ties
2. HIV-AIDS epidemic feared as prostitution takes off in Tibet
3. Prostitution on the rise among Tibetans

Sunday, January 4

1. Maintain tradition of ahimsa, says the Dalai Lama
2. 'We Are No Monks' Premieres in Dharamsala
3. Seven days in Tibet
4. Chinese authorities reward police station for "safeguarding the motherland's unification and peace in the border areas"
5. Book reviews: 'Tibetian Buddhist Life'; 'A Day in the Life of Billy Graham'

Monday, January 5

1. First Conference on Sowa Rigpa Opens (TN)
2. India-China ties won't affect Tibet: Dalai Lama (KN)
3. Chinese re-embracing religion: Dalai Lama (NT)
4. Seven days in Tibet (TSN)
5. Indian PM visit to China opened up wider options for Tibet, says Vijay Kranti (TYC)
6. Identity confusion threatens Tibetans (TT)

Tuesday, January 6

1. Middle way of the present Tibetan government was a subject to change, says Sonam N Dagpo (TYC)
2. Tibetan people support the unflinching aim of Complete Independence for Tibet (TYC)
3. First Conference of Sorig Medical Doctors Ends (TN)

Wednesday, January 7

1. Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok, Abbot of Serthar Buddhist Institute Dies (TCHRD)
2. Highly Respected Tibetan Buddhist Teacher Dies in Chengdu (VOA)
3. Make Tibet a Zone of Peace, Tibetans to Urge at WSF (TN)
4. Tibetans to take part in World Social Forum (IANS)
5. Chandragiri gives rousing welcome to Dalai Lama
6. Tibet's Gamble Can the Dalai Lama's China talks succeed?

Thursday, January 8

1. Tibetans becoming a minority in Tibet: Dalai Lama (IANS)
2. Dalai Lama favours a meaningful dialogue to solve Tibet problem (UNI)
3. Security Stepped Up Following Abbot's Death (TN)
4. Charismatic Tibetan Buddhist Leader Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok Passes Away (ICT)
5. Buddhist Teacher Phuntsok Dead at 70 (AP)
6. Candle Light Vigil in front of the Norwegian Parliament by SFT Norway

Friday, January 9

1. Nepal hands over 21 Tibetan refugees to China (RFA)
2. Dalai Lama is 'shunned' by Blair (BBC)
3. Blair 'snubs' Dalai Lama (TG)
4. Advani endorses Dalai Lama's Ayodhya call (RC)
5. Role for Dalai Lama in solving Ayodhya dispute? (TNN)
6. Tibetans pray for rebirth of Buddhist master (IANS)
7. Khenpo's Demise Shocks ATPD, Kashag (TN)

Saturday, January 10

1. When art and politics collide (CSM)
2. Tibetan director explores radicalism among youth in Exile (AFP)
3. Tibet film blasts 'Shangri-La image' (BBC)
4. Interview with a Tibetan Lama

Monday, January 12

1. Tibetan youths arrested for Pro-Independence posters (RFA)
2. His Holiness the Dalai Lama to visit the United States and Canada, APRIL 12 to MAY 6, 2004
3. 'Long arm' of Beijing suspected at Bowers (OCR)
4. Cycle rally for Free Tibet flagged off in Vijayawada (TYC)

Monday, January 12 (2)

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama Conducts Sacred Rituals and Teachings for World Peace in Toronto, Canada this Spring
2. Tibet photo exhibition opens in UK Parliament
3. Tibetans and supporters welcome BP's diverstment from PetroChina
4. Our China Chimera
5. Hopelessly Hopeful (TR)
6. Timeless Tibet (HS)
7. Lhasa Fair (HS)

Tuesday, January 14

1. Meet Dalai Lama, MPs urge Martin (OT)
2. Jigme Phuntsok (TT)
3. South African Cardinal pledges Catholic support for Tibet

Thursday, January 15

1. World Social Forum To Host Meetings on Tibetan Land Rights (ICT)
2. South African Cardinal pledges Catholic support for Tibet

Saturday, January 17

1. News Update by Tibetan Delegation to Fourth WSF

Monday, January 19

1. Speaker of Tibetan Parliament Attends Parliamentary Meeting
2. Dalai Lama do what others couldn't? (HT)
3. Exiled Tibetans demand freedom (ANI
4. Homework vs Artwork (JP)

Tuesday, January 20

1. Parliamentary Forum Swaps its decision on Tibet (TN)
2. Tibetan refugee takes on American dream (BT)
3. Statement by Mr. Pema Jungney to the World Parliamentary Forum (TN)
4. Karmapa still barred from Sikkim monastery (IANS)
5. British MPs Ask Prime Minister Blair to Meet the Dalai Lama (ICT)

Wednesday, January 21

1. French Tibet expert to boycott Chinese president's parliament speech (AFP)
2. Tibetans seek to broaden support base at anti-globalisation forum (AFP)
3. Tibetans protest exclusion at lawmakers session of anti-globalisation forum (AFP)
4. Tibet Signature Campaign Draws Many at WSF (TN)
5. "Tibet is Peace is Tibet"
6. Tibetans Speak Softly But Hope China Hears (IPS)
7. “Shaping the Future of Tibet” A conference on Self-Determination & Individual Activism

Wednesday, January 21 (2)

1. The Wandering Goddess

Thursday, January 22

1. Kashag Condoles the Death of an Ex-Political Prisoner (TN)
2. Seven years out of Tibet (AT)
3. Tibet as zone of peace must for India's security: Dalai lama (DG)
4. Better Sino-Indian ties may help Tibetan cause: Dalai Lama
5. His Holiness Asks Khenpo’s followers to Implement His Teachings (TN)
6. His Holiness Asks Khenpo’s followers to Implement His Teachings (TN)

Friday, January 23

1. Chinese War on Terror Hits Religious Freedom in Tibet (OW)
2. Rights groups want abuses raised during Chinese president's visit (AFP)
3. Brutal Treatment Reportedly Awaits Repatriated Tibetans (ICT)
4. Thai groups battle new China dam (BBC)
5. Tibetan Rights Activist Yeshi Gyatso Dies at 71 (AP)

Saturday, January 24

1. Tibetans meet in Switzerland to discuss Individual Activism (WTN)
2. Dalai Lama treads where others fear to go (AT)
5. Rights groups want abuses raised during Chinese president's visit
6. French Tibet expert to boycott Hu’s speech
7. Activist inspired by Dalai Lama -- Chance meeting led to resolution to help the poor (CH)

Sunday, January 25

1. France fetes China with New Year parade amid human rights protests (AFP)
2. US State Department official arrives at Dalai Lama's base (AFP)
3. New year means a new car in Tibet (Xinhua)
4. Tibet striving to attract back foreign tourists after SARS downturn last year (Xinhua)

Monday, January 26

1. Chained Protestors Blockade Chinese Consulate (SFT)
2. Paul Simon interviews Dalai Lama for documentary (AFP)
3. Chinese Leader Hu Visits Chirac in Paris (AP)
4. France eyes China's economy during president's visit (AFP)
5. Mission: Social harmony (TOI)

Tuesday, January 27

1. Worldwide Day of Action for Tenzin Delek Rinpoche (SFT)
2. French MPs to walk out on Chinese leader (AFP)
3. Chirac Urges Taiwan Against Independence (AP)
4. French Lawmakers Snub Chinese President (AP)
5. Tibet film divides Bangkok press (HT)
6. Granted Asylum, Nun Held in Va. Jail (WP)
7. ATC Welcomes Sino Gold's Departure from Tibet (ATC)
8. Melinda Gates visits Dharamsala (Phayul)

Thursday, January 29

1. France sidesteps human rights concerns (Independent)
2. China claims ancient kingdom (WP)
3. Paris Visit By Chinese Leader Solidifies Relations, Angers Activists (CNSN)
4. Scrapping of gold mine plans welcomed by Tibetan exiles (ABC)
5. Police arrest Tibetan activists at Chinese consulates (AFP)

Friday, January 30

1. China protests US State Department official's visit to Dalai Lama's base(AFP)
2. Change in personnel in Beijing department dealing with Dalai Lama's Envoys
3. Successful Tibetan conference on "Shaping the Future of Tibet" (WTN)
4. Beijing helping Tibetans catch up with the west, says author (SCMP)
5. Governor of Qinghai, the "backyard" of Tibet Autonomous Region. (TIN)
6. Tibet an inseparable part of Chinese territory: Hu (Xinhua)

Saturday, January 31

1. Nepal Deports Three More Tibetan Refugees (ICT)
2. Poetry for a cause (Himalayan Times)
3. Tibetans to Participate in the WMD, Special Envoy to Give Keynote Speech
4. Tibetans Warm Up for Celebrations (China Daily)

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