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WTN Archives: December, 2004

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Wednesday, December 1

1. Tenzin Delek Rinpoche case raised at Canadian Parliament
2. Students, Tibetans and Tibet supporters hold a candle light vigil in London
3. China pumps another US$660m into Qinghai-Tibet railway project (CNA)
4. The pool player with a dangerous secret (CT)
5. How Buddhism Got to Russia
6. Complaint filed against Chinese Embassy by Tibetans in Switzerland
7. Delhi raises the last toast to 'chhang' (IANS)
8. Thangton Lhugar Performing Troupe visits Chicago

Wednesday, December 2

1. Ex-political prisoner to press UK Minister to act to save Tenzin Deleg Rinpoche's life ( FTC)
2. China Could Go Ahead with Execution of Tibetan Monk (VOA)
3. Calgary's Tibetan Community and Tibet supporters held a candle light vigil
4. Clemency call for Tibetan monk (BBC)
5. Dalai Lama hopeful China will spare death row monk (AFP)
6. China calls death row monk "terrorist" and refuses to say he will be spared (AFP)
7. British protestors target Chinese embassy over death row monk (AFP)
8. Day 2 of Rangzen Walk: Presentation & Suffering
9. Professor joins independence march Nephew of Dalia Lama leads 22 Tibetans, Gerstein to Chicago (BSDN)

Saturday, December 4

1. Tenzin Delek Rinpoche issue raised in the Canadian Parliament
2. Canada must take action to stop innocent Tibetan monk's execution (CTC)
3. China Hasn't Said If Monk Will Face Death Penalty (RFA)
4. Tibet Supporters Call For Tough Stance From EU Leaders At China Summit (ICT)
5. Protesters marching to Chicago (JC)
6. Tibetans to Celebrate 70th Birthday of His Holiness (Tibet Net)
7. Canadian minister calls on China to spare Tibetan monk's life
8. Shattering the Shangri-La Stereotype:Tibetans re-branded (TR)

Sunday, December 5

1. Ashoka the Great
2. Tibet Children Schooled in Climbing Out of Poverty
3. Jewel Heart
4. China's long forgotten tea and horse caravan trail faces revival
5. Thubten Samdup speaks at University of Guelph SFT

Monday, December 6

1. Tibet supporters to rally at Paul Martin's China Business meeting
3. China's Textbooks Twist and Omit History
4. Bidding farewell to Splendid China Park's small wonders are on auction block

Monday, December 7

1. His Holiness' Address to the Assembly of Tibetan People's Deputies
2. Nqawang Sangdrol Nominated for "International Woman of the Year"
3. Program provides training in caring for survivors of torture

Wednesday, December 8

1. Martin urges more business with China
2. As Canadian PM Paul Martin talked about doing more business with China, protesters gathered outside calling for a free Tibet
3. China Bans Video Game for Breach of Sovereignty
4. China Railway 18th Bureau, undertaker of Qinghai-Tibet railway
5. 6 killed as truck overturns in southern Tibet
6. An easier way to print pechas
7. US Senate unanimously passes resolution on Tenzin Delek Rinpoche

Thursday, December 9

1. Letter From Asia: Shangri-La No More: The Dragons Have Settled In
2. Open Letter to the European Union from the European Coalition Against the Lifting the EU's Embargo on Weapons Sales to China
3. Prayers for a lama on Gaden Ngamchoe
4. Area students get current history lesson on Tibet
5. Chicago hosts Midwest protest against Tibetan Monks execution as global outrage rises
6. Yak Butter Blues by Brandon Wilson

Friday, December 10

1. China declines to comment on fate of Tibetan monk
2. Dalai Lama likely to visit Israel next year
3. Be warned: the China danger
4. Toronto Tibetan Woman Injured by Police in Protest
5. EU-China summit in The Hague
6. Is Europe Condemning Freedom in China
7. Rudd Gets Off Bike Over Tibet
8. War, politics, history? Ask this Tibetan nomad something important
9. Inside the Kumbum monastery

Saturday, December 11

1. Tenth December Kashag's statement (TibetNet)
2. Tibetans remember Dalai Lama on Human Rights Day
3. Statement of the TYC on World Human Rights Day
4. Tibetans, Indians Observe Human Rights Day in the Capital
5. Motion to Urge Government to Urge China to Resolve Tibet Issue
7. Tibetans and Uighurs Join to Demonstrate Against China's Brutal Occupation of their Countries
8. Qinghai-Tibet railway construction nearing completion
9. 43 thousand kilometers highway in Tibet

Sunday, December 12

1. 108th Senate Ends with Intelligence Reform Bill, Resolutions on Ukraine and Tibet
2. Tibet fights to retain own culture
3. Long to return to Tibet: Dalai Lama
4. Dalai Lama - When will the world stand together to reverse the worst violation of human rights in modern history?
5. Tibetans' struggle in global spotlight: Dalai Lama
6. Dalai Lama will return to Tucson on Sept. 16
8. SFT mark Nobel Prize conferment on the Dalai Lama
9. 290+ Tibetans Walk and Rally for Tibet's Independence at China's

Monday, December 13

1. Tibetan monk on death row in China still alive: prison authorities
2. AI Urgent Action for Tenzin Deleg Rinpoche
3. Human Rights? Not In Tibet
4. IUSY World Council at Chile passed resolution on release of Tulku Tenzin Delek
5. Tibetans in Switzerland rally in front of the UNCHR in Geneva
6. Tibetan Nobel Peace Prize day celebrated in London
7. India starts to look beyond Pakistan
8. Tibetan Community in Sweden takes part in conferance with the overseas Chinese to discuss the reign of Cummunist Party of China
9. Tibetans Take on Tall Order of Everest Cleanup

Tuesday, December 14

1. Vallabhai Patel: The legend of the consolidator lives on
2. Oral transmission of Dudjom's sungbum
3. Re-establishment of the EP Tibet Intergroup in the new legislative
4. Materialism Drowns Out Young Cries for a Free Tibet
5. Tibet awareness program in Katewda
6. Boycott Made-in-China Action in Times Square
7. Interview with Brandon Wilson, Author of Yak Butter Blues
8. San Francisco Bay Area Tibetans stage Candle Light Vigil for Tenzin Delek Rinpoche
9. International message comes to Newton County

Wednesday, December 15

1. ICT's Rowell Fund rewards Tibetan innovators
2. Toronto film festival group announces annual list of top 10 Canadian films
3. Tibet awareness program in Katewda

Saturday, December 18

1. Mass Entries Vie for 2008 Olympic Mascot (Xinhua)
2. U. of Chicago dinosaur hunter adds 3 notches to belt (CST)
3. Historic Himalayan Ice Dams Created Huge Lakes, Mammoth Floods
5. Hastening slowly (INDIA AND CHINA) – (Frontline)

Monday, December 20

1. Tibet Facing Imperialism of Two Kinds: An Analysis of the Woeser Incident

Tuesday, December 21

1. India wakes up to China's Tibet roadmap
2. Berkeley Resounds With Music and Slogans for Free Tibet
3. European Parliament Supports Non-Violent Solution for Tibet

Wednesday, December 22

1. Fire Rips Through Tibetan Area of Dharamsala (RFA)
2. Demise of a Place: An Obituary
3. BJP wants immigrants' deportation
4. Army chief makes first China visit in decade

Thursday, December 23

1. Letter: Modernising Tibet (BBC)
2. Message from Tibet (CS)
3. VIEW: China on a huge border road-building mission (TOI)
4. COUNTERVIEW: Beijing's interests are purely economic (TOI)
5. Tibet’s Leading Poet Dies at the Age of 71
6. The Seventeen-Point Agreement: Its Origin and Sustenance
7. Diary of monk Kawaguchi, 1st Japanese visitor to Tibet, found
8. We Must Not Let Up On Fight To Help Tibetans And Other Oppressed People

Monday, December 27

1. Identity Interrupted: The story of exile Tibetan Youth (WTN)

Tuesday, December 28

1. China Warns Japan Not to Issue a Visa to Tibet's Dalai Lama (Bloomberg)
2. Unease between Beijing and Tokyo grows ahead of Dalai Lama's visit(smh)
3. China closely following Lee visit, concerned about Dalai Lama
4. Book review: "Lost in Tibet: The Untold Story.." (AP)
5. "Freedom is going to happen" TYC Leadership Conference told.
6. Editors’ note: The Seventeen-Point Agreement: Its Origin and Sustenance

Thursday, December 30

1. Tibet Monk Death Sentence Could Be Commuted-Xinhua
2. Cut aid to Chinese 'spies' – opposition (NP)
3. Central Lhasa gets facelift with 'Tibetan characteristics' (TIN)
4. Chinese protesters demand Japan refuse Dalai Lama visit (AP)
5. Tibetan Youth Leadership Training Concludes
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