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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

4. Music Heals All

by Tenzin L. Choegyal

Music healed the minds and souls of all on March 15, 2004. An evening in
Dharamsala permeated with sounds of traditional Tibetan music, dedicated for
the victims of HIV/ AIDS with prayers by Tibetan Buddhist monks sung in the
unique multi-tonal fashion. Many independent Tibetan artists performed songs
to serenade the packed hall of local residents, the Sangha and visitors of
Dharmic aspirations.

Mr. Loten Namling, an active traditional artist organized this event with
the regional Tibetan Women's Association and Kunphen; an organization
devoted towards the education of HIV/AIDS and its preventive measures. The
message from the organizers brought thinking minds to concur with the need
to empower Tibetan women towards a stronger society with individuals to
muster their civic sense to initiate events such as this first ever STOP
AIDS BENEFIT CONCERT. Mr. Lobsang Tsering, a local AIDS activist and founder
of Kunphen spoke on the issue of HIV/AIDS in the Tibetan community. He
stressed the importance of being informed about this fatal disease and to
recognize the possible reality of HIV/AIDS within the fabric of a transient
Tibetan society where promiscuity is not an unknown phenomenon.

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