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Monday, March 1, 2004

4. Devotees throng Rewalsar (TT)

Tribune, India

Mandi, India February 28 - Thousands of Buddhist pilgrims from home and
abroad have converged on the banks of the Rewalsar lake to take part in the
two-day Tsechu Fair - the Buddhist Kumbh beginning from tomorrow - which is
being celebrated after 12 years.

Devotees from Germany, Japan, France, Bhutan and other countries are
reaching here for the celebrations.

Dalai Lama will inaugurate the Tsechu Fair at 1.15 p.m. by lighting a lamp
and cutting the ribbon at the entrance gate of the Rewalsar lake. Himachal
Pradesh Governor V.S. Kokje will accompany the Dalai Lama.

The fair is being celebrated for centuries by Buddhist devotees to
commemorate the birthday of their guru, Padama Sambhava, on the 10th of the
first month of every new year, according to the Tibetan Calendar (10th of
Dawa Thangpo).

Padama Sambhava came to Tibet from Nepal and preached Buddhism there in 747
AD. He meditated for many years on the banks of the sacred lake.

According to Nagar Panchayat Rewalsar, about 5000 devotees have arrived
there and more than 50,000 are expected to join the celebrations. All hotels
in Mandi and Rewalsar are occupied.

Mr A.R. Rizvi, District Commissioner, says a temporary colony equipped with
basic amenities has been set up and security has been beefed up. On his
arrival here tomorrow, Dalai Lama will garland the statute of Mahatama
Gandhi around 10 a.m.

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