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WTN Archives: May, 2004

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Saturday, May 1

1. Tibetan hunger striker taken to hospital (AP)
2. Tibetan Hunger Striker Hospitalized
3. Ms. Dolma Choephel loses consciousness on 29th Day of Indefinite Hunger Strike
4. Chinese Authorities Institute Internet ID Card System in Tibet for Online Surveillance
5. Heather Mallick
6. With a grain of salt: It's time to adopt non-violence

Sunday, May 2

1. TYC led indefinite hunger strike update: Day 29 & 30
2. Today marks the 30th day of the indefinite hunger strike.(IANS)
3. The care and feeding of the Dalai Lama (GM)

Monday, May 3

1. Dalai Lama needs to inflict a little suffering (Calgary Sun)
2. Dalai Lama urges spiritual sharing (TS)
3. Bay Area Tibetans and Supporters Hunger Strike and rally for a Free Tibet
4. Dalai Lama urges positive spin (Australian)
5. The media needs a long nose: The Dalai Lama (Post Courier, Papua New Guinea)

Tuesday, May 4

1. Tibetan Youth Congress Calls off Hunger Strike (TYC)
2. The Tibet myth: (Calgary Herald)
3. Lama Ole Nydahl unravels mysteries (Calgary Herald)

Wednesday, May 5

1. Dalai Lama ends visit with mass initiation (CP)
2. Dalai lama to leave Toronto for France
3. Tibetan kids make French connection

Thursday, May 6

1. Dalai Lama to leave Toronto for France (OTNY)
2. Dalai Lama ends visit to Toronto, wows thousands at final ceremony (CP)
3. Canadian parliament begins probe of China's human rights record (AFP)
4. Letter to the TYC Hunger Strikers from ITSN
5. A price too high (Calgary Herald)

Friday, May 7

1. Tibet's Meek, Hardly Asking For the Earth (NYT)
2. Ending Human Rights Abuses in Tibet (Embassy)
3. China acknowledges Sikkim as Indian state (IANS)
4. Fossils show Ngari in Tibet was oasis 130 million years ago (Xinhua)
5. Tibetan yoga found to help improve sleep (HC)
6. Blaming the victims (Calgary Herald)

Saturday, May 8

1. Giggle like the Dalai Lama with the new funnies page (Globe and Mail)
2. There's something happening here (Globe and Mail)
3. A meeting with the Dalai Lama (Toronto Star)
4. Protesters kept in dark over Chinese visit (The Guardian)
5. Downing Street Talks for Chinese Premier (Scotsman)

Sunday, May 9

1. Tibet easier problem for China to solve than Taiwan: Dalai Lama (AFP)
2. Protestors Gather Outside China's London Embassy as Wen Arrives (Bloomberg)
3. `Ordinary as daylight' (Toronto Star)
4. Values of Buddhism should not be ignored in today’s world… (Letter)
5. Film Review: “What Remains of Us”
6. The Dalai Lama expressed gratitude to Tibet Supporters at Reception
7. Teen tending her Tibetan roots (NYD)

Monday, May 10

1. Unwelcome ghosts (Guardian)
2. Chinese PM to meet Blair amid Tibet protests (AFP)
3. Blair to discuss human rights with Chinese premier (The Guardian)
4. Blair's backing for China trade angers activists (Scotsman)
5. Wen, Blair agree to annual Sino-British summits (AFP)
6. Blair plans annual UK-China summit (The Guardian)
7. BSU professor part of Tibet's struggle for freedom (Star Press)
8. Book Review: China's Tibet Policy -- Dawa Norbu (Asia Observer)

Tuesday, May 11

1. Tibet issue clouding Chinese PM's visit (BBC)
2. Dalai Lama to visit Britain on heels of Chinese PM (AFP)
3. Ahern to Raise Issue of Human Rights with Chinese Premier (Irish Times)
4. “Wen, Will You Free Tibet?” asks Ireland’s Tibet Support Group
5. The ties that bind (Calgary Sun)
6. "Ex-pat Tibetans struggle to maintain culture"

Wednesday, May 12

1. Trade and immigration top China talks (Independent)
2. NFB’s “What Remains of Us” leads Canada at Cannes (CP)
3. Chair in Modern Tibetan Studies Created at Columbia University
4. City to help revamp Tibetan holy site (Shanghai Daily)
5. Nonviolent Activism and the Diplomatic Politicking of Human Rights (WTN)

Friday, May 14

1. Traffickers prey on Tibetan Girls, Women (RFA)
2. US Commission Highlights China’s Tight Control Over Tibetan Religion
3. Chinese Ambassador to Discuss Human Rights (Irish Times)
4. Letter: Human rights in Tibet (Irish Times)
5. Dalai Lama to visit 2 S. Florida universities in September
6. Inauguration will be nation's biggest state ceremony (Taiwan Times)

Sunday, May 16

1. New Metal Barricades in Lhasa's Jokhang Control Access to Inner Temple (TIN)
2. Filmmakers worry footage from Tibet documentary might endanger subjects (AP)
3. Teenager asked to greet Dalai Lama with Gaelic song (Scotsman)

Monday, May 17

1. Dalai Lama to send envoy to Taiwan
2. Flag row hits Dalai Lama's visit
3. Book Review: PIONEER IN TIBET
4. Tibet's political parties concerned over development
5. Dalai Lama to visit Miami
6. Blind children taught to be independent at Tibetan school
7. Improving life for all in Tibet

Tuesday, May 18

1. MSP wants the flag to fly for Dalai Lama (The Scotsman)
2. Popular Tibetan singer, composer released from detention
3. Congress 'to correct' existing foreign policy (GN)
4. The dreams of the refugees (CNEW)
5. Human Rights in Tibet at the Swedish Parliament (TCS)
6. Dalai's Scottish Peace Mission (DR)

Wednesday, May 19

1. Land of the voiceless
2. Tibetan film 'too dangerous to show'
3. Chopel elected Tibetan NDP president
4. Recognise sovereignity, Dalai Lama told
5. How we bought into Buddhism
6. Britain's interest in Tibet's plight
7. Kalon Tripa Leaves for France and England

Thursday, May 20

1. Ties with Beijing Will Not Be Harmed: His Holiness' Representative at Chen's Inauguration
2. President pledges to strengthen relations with allies
3. Audiences applaud Canadian shorts, other efforts at Cannes Film Festival
4. When Patsy met the Dalai Lama: Joanna Lumley's Road to Enlightenment
5. Sign language developed for Tibetan deaf
6. Personal Voices: Is Bush the Anti-Buddha?

Friday, May 21

1. Tibetan PM to highlight environmental degradation in Europe (IANS)
2. Ties with China will not be harmed: Dalai Lama
3. Freedom Wind, Freedom Song (Jamyang Norbu)

Sunday, May 23

1. China rules out Tibet autonomy (CBC)
2. China tells Dalai Lama self-ruled Tibet not an option (Reuters)
3. Relinquish quest for separate Tibet: China (TOI)
4. China issues white paper on Tibet (People’s Daily)
5. China using strong-arm tactics over Dalai Lama visit to Britain: report (AFP)
6. Dalai Lama visit riles China (The Observer)
7. The Observer Profile: The Dalai Lama

Monday, May 24

1. Kalon Tripa Meets Tibetans, Tibet Supporters (TN)
2. Nepal and China agree on strict vigilance along trans-Himalayan border (AFP)

Wednesday, May 26

1. Blair to Shun Dalai Lama on British Visit (Reuters)
2. Blair Challenged over Dalai Lama Visit (AP)
3. Royal reception for Dalai Lama (BBC)
4. French Parliamentary Group for Tibet Dedicates 2005 to Tibet (TibetNet)
5. My own private Kalachakra (MO)
6. "Tibet: A Living Culture" exhibition in Scotland

Friday, May 28

1. The Dalai Lama
2. Blair denies snubbing the Dalai Lama
3. Dalai Lama's giggle wins over Liverpool
4. Dalai Lama 'not blaming Saddam'
5. Hail to the spiritual leader

Saturday, May 29

1. Dalai Lama urges 'warm hearts'
2. Dalai Lama 'optimistic' about relations with China
3. Thousands welcome His Holiness in Glasgow
4. Dalai Lama visits Scotland

Sunday, May 30

1. Dalai Lama at peace on the couch
2. Everest Lure Endures Despite Risk of Death

Monday, May 31

1. 'I am just a person, a human being. Do not expect too much'
2. Dalai Lama laments 'rule of terror' in Tibet
4. Dalai Lama inspires city pupils to plant peace poles
5. Dalai Lama seeks new vision from Scots
6. Tibet: Between surrender and struggle
7. Dalai Lama: Abu Ghraib abuse shocking
8. China would like to join SAARC, says its ambassador
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