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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."
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WTN Archives: January, 2005

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Saturday, January 1

2. Canadian Parliamentarian Vows to Support Tibet
3. Between the Dragon and the Elephant

Tuesday, January 4

1. Matter of interesting detail (The Pioneer)
2. Endangered Chiru finds hope in govt breeding plan (Indian Express)
3. Truck turnover kills 54 in China (The Age)
4. Fire Razes People's Hall in Sichuan, Arson Suspected (RFA)
5. Footloose in Little Lhasa (Indian Express)
6. A Monk From Magar Dhargyeling Arrested For Possessing Portrait Of Dalai Lama

Wednesday, January 5

1. Tibetan monk Tenzin Deleg still faces execution after two-year suspension (AFP)
2. Dalai Lama prays for tsunami victims of Sri Lanka (AFP)
3. Sri Lankan Foreign Minister cuts short China visit (PTI)
4. Tibet has warmer winters since 1990s, meteorologists (Xinhua)
5. Roads of change revitalize Tibet (China Daily)
6. Eighteen victims identified from Qinghai traffic accident (Xinhua)
7. Tales from highways stretching atop the world (China Daily)

Thursday, January 6

1. Fleeing Tibetans get help from Indian embassy (IANS)
2. Tibet Leaders Visit
3. China arrests Tibetan monk with Dalai Lama's picture: activists (AFP)
4. Save Hamalaya, Save Tibet (ITCO)
5. Seminar on "Crossing the Line: China's Railways to Lhasa, Tibet" (ITCO)

Sunday, January 9

1. Tibetans trained by Scientologists treat tsunami-hit villagers (AFP)
2. A Tibetan Love Affair
3. Spiritual Father of The Bride

Monday, January 10

1. Researchers find meditation gives brain a super charge (WP)
2. Dagpo Rinpoche's pathway to happiness (SO)
3. A land hidden in the clouds

Tuesday, January 11

1. China hopes to build world-class observatory in Tibet
2. Letters For Tibet

Wednesday, January 12

1. Free Tibet Campaign disappointed by Foreign Secretary's comments on China's human rights record and lack of firm opposition to imminent lifting of EU/China Arms Embargo. (FTC)
2. EU China arms ban 'to be lifted' (BBC)
3. China's leader shows his stripes (BBC)
4. Fire in official building in Kardze; monk arrested (TIN)

Thursday, January 13

1. Pm urged to discuss Human Rights on China trip (CBC)
2. Prime Minister Martin urged to promote negotiations on Tibet during visit to China (CTC)
3. PM urged to press Beijing' (TS)
4. Tibetan Govt-in-exile wants more talks with China (HT)

Friday, January 14

1. Tibetan task force revamped (Tribune)
2. Prime minister courting Chinese (TS)
3. Opening up trade with China hasn't helped human rights, say activists (CP)
4. Pm's chance comes now China visit as much about saving life as it is about money (TS)
5. PM told to harden stance on China (CH)
6. Trade with China won't deter human rights abuses, say activists (TG)
7. Sad film portrays Tibetan persecution (SP)
8. PM's chance comes now (TS)
9. Group Criticizes China for Rights Abuses in 2004 (Reuters)

Sunday, January 16

1. Mission of aid and trade (ST)
2. Press Statement of Jan. 14th demonstration for Ven tulku Tenzin Delek Rinpoche in Paris

Monday, January 17

1. Pilgrims Asked to return Home, Investigations Begin (TibetNet)
2. Martin should speak up about rights in China (GM)
3. The day Chinese Glasnost died (TR)
4. Charity to Welcome Tibetan Children (TS)
5. A Harrowing Kayak Expedition in Tibet

Tuesday, January 18

1. A Premier Exhibition of Three Contemporary Tibetan Artists
2. Core Group Organizes Conference on "Make Tibet a Zone of Ahimsa" in Aurangabad
3. "WE SHALL OVER COME" sings the tsunami victim children
4. Members of TSAM joins Tsunami Relief at New Kalpakkam

Wednesday, January 19

1. For Lobsang Khendup, A Missing Political Prisoner (GUS)
2. Unsung petite patriots (TYC)
3. Tibetans and supporters call for Free Tibet before Free Trade (SFT)
4. PM shifts tactics to woo China (GM)
5. Activists Push PM on Rights Issues in China
6. Canada woefully silent on crushing of Tibet (LFP)
7. International Campaign for Tibet honored for leadership in non-violent resistance (ICT)
8. Correction dates - A Premier Exhibition of Three Contemporary Tibetan Artists

Thursday, January 20

1. A message from the Dalai Lama (TT)
2. ”Kalon Tripa Visits Tibetan Tsunami relief volunteers from Varanasi
3. CTA's First Donors Conference Successfully Concluded (TibetNet)
4. Disciples of Dalai Lama to attend NSU in fall (MH)
5. Please, Chant Me Serenity! (PBP)
6. New At Wisconsin Film Fest: Audience Award (CTM)
7. French delegation in Dharamsala for the release of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche

Friday, January 21

1. PM praises China even as TV crew harassed (CWNS)
2. PM ignores china crimes while bush fights for freedom (TS)
3. Martin gently chides China on rights (GM)
4. Award-winning documentary features over an hour of special bonus material not seen in theaters
5. Tibet's Mines Up for Sale In International Market
6. Tibetans make hay in Surat while the sun hides (ENS)
7. Lifting arms export ban on China attacked by Lib Dems (TG)
8. Tibet Awareness Program in Ahmednagar (Maharastra)

Sunday, January 23

1. Report: China holds meeting demanding greater obedience from Tibetan religious leaders (AP)
2. Helping hand - Son of Sidney couple helps build medical clinic in remote desert area of Tibet (SH)
3. 'Tibet Through the Red Box' debuts
4. Biggest Tibetan Music Festival in Bylakuppee in india on 11-11 February 2005

Monday, January 24

1. Monks' meditation helps scientists see brain (WP)
2. Tibet's Karakorum Faultline On The Move (SD)
3. Chinese official in India to prepare for premier's March visit (AP)
4. Foreign trade tops US$200 mln in Tibet in 2004 (Xinhua)

Tuesday, January 25

1. Tibet: Monk Leaves Prison a Broken Man Human Rights Watch
2. Tibetan Monk's Followers Hope for his Release (RFA)
3. Group continues event without key speaker's appearance
4. A Prophet in His Own Land (NYS)
5. The Girl & the Golok Chiefs
6. The Great Restaurant Hop (NYS)

Monday, January 26

1. China Spares the Life of Tibetan Monk (AP)
2. China commutes Tibetan monk's death sentence (Reuters)
3. China commutes Tibetan monk's death sentence to life (Kyodo)
4. Monks' meditation helps scientists see brain (WP)
5. Tibetan monk death penalty commuted to life in prison (Xinhua)
6. Fellow imprisoned monk released "a broken man." (FTC)
7. China commutes Tibetan monk's death sentence activists decry life sentence and demand his release (SFT)
8. China spares Tibetan monk (BBC)
9. Tibetan monk 'broken' by China (BBC)
10. Dalai Lama to visit Sun Valley (IME)

Thursday, January 27

1. Nepal Orders Closure of Dalai Lama’s Office and Tibetan Refugee Organization in Kathmandu (ICT)
2. Trulku's Death Sentence Commuted to Life Imprisonment (TCHRD)
3. ICT Europe Calls for the Immediate Release of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche (ICT)
4. Tibet: Monk’s Death Sentence Commuted (HRW)
5. Official report justifies proceedings in Tenzin Deleg Rinpoche case (TIN)
6. Death sentence commuted to life for Tibetan monk
7. Tibetan lama dodges Chinese bullet (ATO)
8. Tibetan child refugees to witness life in Tynedale
9. Yaks the way to do it, children (TEC)

Friday, January 29

1. Nepal Govt shuts down Dalai Lama’s office
2. Dalai Lama's Office Says China Pressed Nepal To Close Them Down U.S. Voices 'Strong Concern' (RFA)
3. Nepal shuts door on fleeing Tibetans (SMH)
4. Britain urges Nepal not to close Tibetan offices
5. Govt shuts down Dalai Lama’s office (KP)
6. Nepal shuts down Tibetan offices (BBC)
7. Canadian Senator calls on Prime Minister Martiin to helpd world’s most embattled peoples

Sunday, January 30

1. Door-painting treasures from Tibet (INS)
2. Tibet comes to Centenary

Monday, January 31

1. Closure of Tibetan offices sends wrong signals (KP)
2. Nepal Orders Closure of Dalai Lama’s Office and Tibetan Refugee Organization in Kathmandu (ICT)
3. Tibetan Refugees Left in Limbo With Office Closure (IPS)
4. 'Flaming hypocrite' (ED)
5. Dramatic Decrease in No. of Tibetan Cadres in "TAR", Statistics Show (TibetNet)
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