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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."
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WTN Archives: March, 2005

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Tuesday, March 1

1. China's top security official calls for crackdown on "hostile forces" (AFP)
2. United States Annual Human Rights Report Says China Commits Serious Human Rights Abuses in Tibet
3. China Gets Tough Marks in U.S. Rights Report

Thursday, March 3

1. White Paper of distorted facts and figures" TYC
2. China plans to make Tibet a top tourist draw (AFP)
3. China draws up Tibet tourism development plan (China Daily)
4. Chinese takeover of Tibet protested at art opening (The Villager)
5. The daily life for 15-year-old 11th Panchen in Tibet (China Daily)
6. 2005-Tibet Year in France Launched
7. Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Saddened By His Holiness' Absence
8. Here, it is Dalai Lama vs cricket (Indian Express)

Friday, March 4

1. Flee Tibet (SMH)
2. Cricket among the lamas (BBC)
3. Tibetan commemorte anniversary of upsising against Chinese

Monday, March 7

1. Tantrums over Tibet (MD)
2. UK Tour by Tibetan Refugee Children Completed With Great Success (TF)
3. Qinghai-Tibet Railway to test run next July (PD)
4. "Free Tibet" Traffic Circle Dedicated in France

Tuesday, March 8

1. Trojan Horse Gallops from Beijing, Disguised as Dalai Lama Statement
2. New York City Celebrates Tibetan Cultural Festival
3. This Tibetan strikes gold (ENS)

Wednesday, March 9

1. Protecting Tibet a Matter of Global Importance -- Authors Discuss Importance of Preserving Ancient Environmental Wisdom
2. His Holiness to Give Initiation From 13 March (TN)
3. ATPD Vice Chair to Attend Indian Women's Gathering (TN)
4. Chinese dragon upset Tibetans again (TNN)

Wednesday, March 10

1. The Statement of His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the 46th Anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day
2. Declaración de Su Santidad el Dalai Lama en el 46º aniversario del Día del Levantamiento Nacional Tibetano
3. Free Tibet before free-trade with China

Wednesday, March 10 (2)

1. The Statement of the Kashag on the 46th Anniversary of the Tibetan People’s Uprising Day
2. The Statement of the Tibetan Youth Congress on the 46th National Uprising Day of Tibet
3. Dalai Lama renews pledge for Tibet to stay within China (AFP)
4. Tibetan exiles celebrate 46th anniversary of uprising
5. Tibet can be part of China: Dalai Lama (PTI)
6. Dalai Lama says Tibet can be part of China (Reuters)
7. Dalai envoys plan China talks (TT)
8. No direct solution to Tibet problem: Rinpoche

Friday, March 11

1. British parliamentarians reiterate support to Tibetans on uprising day
2. Letters from Lhasa
3. The Significance of 10th March for the Tibetan Freedom Struggle
4. statement from Friends of Tibet (India)
5. Tibetan Flags and Events in the Czech Republic
6. Pelosi Statement on the 46th Anniversary of Tibetan National Uprising Day
7. A special debate on Tibet in the European Parliament in Strasbourg
8. Statement on the situation in Tibet: European Parliament
9. Tibetans Take Out Procession in City

Monday, March 14

1. Conciliatory Dalai Lama expounds on winds of change (SCMP)
2. Dalai Lama yields ground on Tibet self-rule (SCMP)
3. Panchen Lama sends subtle message (SCMP)
4. Lost Horizon: China-Tibet Conflict Nowhere Near Resolution (TOI)
5. Importance of being Dalai Lama (IE)
6. Commemoration of 46th Tibetan People's Uprising Day in Hungary
7. Commemoration of 46th Tibetan People's Uprising Day in Belgium
8. 2005 San Francisco Tibetan Uprising Day Report

Tuesday, March 15

1. China asks Dalai to acknowledge its sovereignty over Tibet (PTI)
2. Tibet ready to sacrifice sovereignty, says leader (DT)
3. Tibet part of China: Dalai Lama (TA)
4. European demonstration for Tibet in Berlin on 12th March 2005: Freedom for Tibet – Europe Speaks Out! (ICT)
5. Report: Dalai Lama says he wants Tibet to remain part of China (AP)
6. 46th Anniversary of Tibetan Uprising Day in New Zealand

Wednesday, March 16

1. China chooses Nortel for mobile phone network on railway to Tibet (AP)
2. Uruguay: Tibet on the River Plate (AFP)
3. Commemoration of the 46th Tibetan People's Uprising Day in Austria
4. Tibet has first civil aviation pilots (PD)
5. Commemoration of the 46th National Uprising Day in Russia
6. Himalayan Controversy (NI)

Thursday, March 17

1. U.S. Backs Away from UN Resolution on Human Rights in China (ICT)
2. Canada's Nortel to provide wireless network to Tibet railway (AFP)

Friday, March 18

1. China must listen to the Dalai Lama, Tibetan exile spokesman says (AFP)
2. Rights groups accuse China of "hostage" politics (AFP)
3. New agreement between China and the EU to be launched (EUO)
4. CTC Ottawa is happy to report an excellent March 10th event
5. 46th National Uprising Day in Japan

Friday, March 18 (2)

1. Actor and activist Richard Gere advises Japan's PM to listen to his rivals (AFP)
2. Tibet support Group in Agra holds seminar on Tibet
3. The Treasures of Tibet Arrive in Chile in April Beginning
4. Ten days that took Tom Farmer to the heart of tolerance (TH)
5. China's Amnesia - Letter to the Editor

Sunday, March 20

1. 'We Have To Accept Ground Realities'
2. Partners in China's railway to the sky (GM)
3. 'Tibet is both a tragedy and a triumph' (FE)
4. Home away from home:(MG)
5. School is exiles' tool of survival: (MG)
6. Care and cure, the Tibetan way
7. French Parliamentarians to Visit Dharamsala (TN)
8. No China Resolution at 61st Session of UNCHR (TCHRD)
9. VOA launches TV program to Tibet (VOA)

Monday, March 21

1. Remarks to the Press in China - Secretary Condoleezza Rice
2. Rice asks Chinese leaders to talk to Dalai Lama's envoys (PTI)
3. 'Allow religious freedom in Tibet'
4. 'Bitterness Masks Moves Toward Dialogue on Tibet (Reuters)
5. A Day in a Tibetan Year

Tuesday, March 22

1. An excerpt from German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer spoke at the UN Commission as a guest speaker
2. Tibetan art collected by Dalai Lamas shown [World News]
3. Home away from home for destitute Tibetan children (PTI)

Wednesday, March 23

1. An excerpt from German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer spoke at the UN Commission as a guest speaker
2. Body-Snatchers Enduring Phobias and Superstitions in Tibetan Society (Part One)
3. Back to the Future Enduring Phobias and Superstitions in Tibetan Society (Part Two)

Thursday, March 24

1. Body-Snatchers Enduring Phobias and Superstitions in Tibetan Society (Part One)
2. Excerpts from statements made under Item No: 9- Violation of Human Rights
3. Tibet's Stolen Art at the Rubin Museum: China's Propaganda Strategy & Why It Matters (SFT)
4. Remaining in China best for Tibetans: Dalai Lama
5. Tibetan Nun Is A Fake, U.S. Says - Woman Accused Of Passport Fraud (WP)
6. French Legislators Call on His Holiness the Dalai Lama (TN)

Saturday, March 26

1. Exiled Tibetans protest march against China in New Delhi
2. Tibetans walk through 260 km for the cause (IE)
3. China releases three political prisoners after completing their prison term
4. Dalai Lama to visit Rice (RT)
5. Kalachakra at Amravati in 2006 (TN)
6. Such sweet sorrow
7. India Thank American Tibetans for Tsunami Help
8. Kasur Tashi Wangdi Appointed Representative to Americas (TN)

Monday, March 28

1. First bus service between capitals of Tibet and Nepal to open in May (AFP)
2. Kathmandu-Lhasa direct bus service May 1
3. Tibetan monks to visit Southern Utah (SGS)
4. Actor Gere in tango with Beijing (Reuters)
5. Tibetan antelope tipped to become mascot of Beijing Olympics (PTI)
6. On the wings of love

Wednesday, March 30

1. ADB supports Western Development Drive, but not in Tibet (TIN)
2. Letter to the Editor, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong
3. His Holiness to Inaugurate Dakpo Shedrupling in May (TibetNet)
4. Bigger bumper stickers

Thursday, March 31

1. Women's Eve Award
2. Gere asks France and Germany to ditch Chinese arms deal
3. Oral Statement by Ms. Norzin Dolma on behalf of International Fellowship of Reconciliation
4. Oral Statement delivered on 31 April 2005 by Tenzin Samphel KAYTA on behalf of Society for Threatened Peoples International
5. Oral statement by Ms. Tsering JAMPA, Asian Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Network
6. The peaceful rise of China (TP)

Sunday, March 2005

1. “Millions in the world respect the Dalai Lama,” British MP tells gathering
2. Tibet Campaign Urges EU Not to Lift China Arms Ban (Reuters)
3. An Indian photographer's tribute to Tibetans (ANI)
4. Chinese foreign minister to visit Nepal
5. Tibetan Women's Peace March Marks the 46th Anniversary of National Tibetan Women’s Uprising Day (TWA)
6. Statement of Tibetan Women's Association on the 46th Commemoration of the National Tibetan Women's Uprising Day (TWA)
7. Tibetans unperturbed over Dalai Lama's view (TOI)
8. New York Commemorated Tibetan National Uprising
9. Tibetans take hard line in honoring '59 uprising (SFC)
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