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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."
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WTN Archives: May, 2005

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Sunday, May 1

1. Spying in Lhasa
2. Prayers From the Shadows
3. Kathmandu-Lhasa direct bus service kicks off
4. Toronto Panchen Lama Concert featured new Tibetan rock band
5. "Way To Peace and Harmony"

Monday, May 2

1. China misses its chance with India
2. French Senators Assure Support to the Middle Way Approach
3. Tibetan Supreme Justice Commissioner Appoints New Secretary
4. Woman will teach in Tibet
5. It Was Only a Dramatic Protest- Karnataka Police "Probe into security lapse expected to be completed soon"
6. Chinese premier urges western development

Wednesday, May 4

1. Encounter – India’s honoured guest (
2. Tibet monk dies in Salt Lake; wanted to visit home
3. End of the line for Tibetans' life in splendid isolation (

Thursday, May 5

1. Dalai Lama Envoys Plan to Visit China (VOA)
2. Nepal-China direct bus arrives in Lhasa (Xinhua)
3. Teens head for India, hope to aid exiled Tibetans
4. Tibetan monks visit Port today until Sunday

Friday, May 6

1. We are No Monks: A Film Review
2. Paul Liberatore: A dream of hope

Monday, May 9

1. Where did all the angels go?
2. Rich fresh water reserves on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (Xinhau)
3. Tibetans don't like to talk about themselves, but 'Dreaming' tells their tragic story
4. Documentary on Dalai Lama to be premiered in the US

Tuesday, May 10

1. Anti-Poaching Lesson for CTA Officials (TibetNet)
2. A Pictorial Book on Tibet Launched (TibetNet)
3. A Walk from Stockholm to Gothenburg for Human Rights
4. Bhagat Singh Samithi Asks Tibetans to 'Quit India'

Wednesday, May 11

1. Monks sentenced 11 years for Tibetan national flag (TCHRD)
2. Tibetans Appeal Compensation Over Loss of Homes, Land (RFA)
3. Kalon Tripa Demonstrates Soil Preparation ( TibetNet)
4. China’s Zombie Countries Bringing dictators back to life (NR)
5. Old Soul, New Art - Exhibition of Tibetan contemporary art at ICT
6. The Tibet Spectacular – A Journey Across the Roof for the World

Saturday, May 14

1. A Nomad Who Became a Diplomat Tibetan Review (TR)
2. Two monks sentenced to three years for pasting posters (TCHRD)
3. Vegetarian campaign in Northeast (TVA)
4. Trade ice melts along Silk Route
5. Shoe art dying for want of makers - Younger generation deserts heritage Trade
6. Integrating Legitimate Tibetan Rights into the “Yangtze Forum” (TJC)
7. China’s Development Of My Fatherland: Progress Or Destruction? (TJC)
8. The Tibet Railway Nears Completion; Western Companies Jump Aboard (TJC)
9. U.S. agencies in project to preserve dying languages (AP)

Sunday, May 15

1. Tibetan exiles in India plan birthday bash for Dalai Lama (AFP)
2. Dalai Lama's spiritualism softening Chinese hearts (HT)

Monday, May 16

1. Nobel laureates to tackle world woes in Jordan (AFP)
2. Between a rock and a hard place (DH)
3. Tibetan Women Hold Vigils for Panchen Lama, Tibet's Stolen Child (TWA)

Tuesday, May 17

1. Vigil for Panchen Lama’s immediate release held in London
2. Tibet's missing spiritual guide (BBC)
3. TCHRD commemorates 10 years’ disappearance of the Panchen Lama (TCHRD)
4. ICT Calls on China to allow Immediate Access to Panchen Lama on the 10th Anniversary of his Abduction? Vigils to be held Worldwide
5. March for Tibet's Independence from Boston to New York (ITIM)

Wednesday, May 18

1. Thousands Rally for Panchen Lama's Release in Dharamsala (TWA)
2. Tibetans mark 10 years of Panchen Lama's disappearance (IANS)
3. A Joint Vigil on 17th May 2005 in Berlin
4. ITIM Vigil for Panchen Lama
5. His Holiness to Attend Nobel Laureates’ Conference in Jordan (TibetNet)
6. King Abdullah II of Jordan and Elie Wiesel Host Petra Conference of Nobel Laureates
7. School Heads Meet, Finance Department to Hold Workshop for Accountants (TibetNet)
8. China: Danger of melting Everest glaciers (Reuters)
9. Harper announces candidacy in Brossard - La Prairie

Thursday, May 19

1. A journey to freedom, success (TU)
2. Great minds gather in Jordan to tackle global woes (AFP)
3. Vigil in Zurich for Panchen Lama
4. Thousands attend Panchen Lama Vigils held Worldwide – An “outstanding day of activism”

Sunday, May 22

1. Buddha Poornima celebrations on Monday
2. Star Wars premieres in Lhasa
3. Tibet is like Scotland (ST)

Monday, May 23

1. "Tibet: The Gap between Fact and Fabrication - Tibetan response to China's White Papers" (TYC)
2. Invoking Buddha to save the big cats (BP)
3. No turning back (MD)
4. A hero of the old school (TS)

Tuesday, May 24

1. The Karmapa's Dance of Politics (IPS)
2. US foundation quits Olympic media project (SCMP)
3. UN Concerned about China's Policy in Tibet and Eastern Turkestan

Wednesday, May 25

1. Truth from Facts
2. 5 years of Bharat Tibbat Sahyog Manch, a mass movement for Tibet
3. Ghent University welcomes "A Long Look Homeward-Beyond Borders" exhibition
4. Tibetans Fare Well in XII Exams (TibetNet)

Thursday, May 26

1. The Norwegian Tibet committee meets with Special Representative of the UN Secretary – General on Human Rights Defenders
2. Chinese leader beats Free Tibet protest with early arrival for NZ talks (AP)
3. Chinese politician takes side door to avoid MP's protest
4. Deadline Nearing for World's First Official License Plate Honoring Tibet
5. Nurturing a dream of returning home (TH)
6. Dalai Lama May Visit Seoul
7. Tibetan center faces auction

Monday, May 30

1. Book Review: Love Tibet, Hate Shangri-La
2. Luxury "Tibetan-style" resort to open in southwest China (AFP)
3. Hu vows to treat China's minorities better, but says no to separatism (AFP)
4. Tibetan refugee graduates from MHS after difficult journey
5. TSG in Assam holds its first meeting in Guwahati (ITCO)
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