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WTN Archives: October, 2006

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Monday, October 2

1. Cho Oyu breaking news: ABC swarmed by Chinese Army - Tibetans shot at Nanga La?
2. China adds two more rail links to Tibet (AFP)
3. Tsering Dorje, Tibet - Help from Afar
4. The future of Tibet
5. The real Tibet, without Tibetans (TST)
6. China critised in Swiss Parliament
7. Finnish religious leaders, intellectuals embrace His Holiness' message
8. German delegation visits Dharamshala (TibetNet)

Tuesday, October 3

1. Dharamshala turns festive with His Holiness' return (TibetNet)
2. Kalon Tripa: Policies of 12th Kashag to be sustained (TibetNet)
3. Historic Photos Show Suffering of Occupied Tibet (TET)
4. 'Voice of Tibet' transcends
5. Indian army enters Tibet, to celebrate not fight (UNI)
6. Armed police deployed along Qinghai-Tibet Railway during national holiday

Wednesday, October 4

1. His Holiness to administer oath to new Kalons (TibetNet)
2. Spiritual leaders call for arm trade control (TibetNet)
3. Two Tibetans allegedly killed by Chinese guards (Reuters)
4. Tibetan refugees face human rights abuses: Study
5. Dharamsala readies for Miss Tibet contest (IANS)
6. Chartered plane inaugurates non-stop flights to Tibet (AFP)
7. UCI scholarship winners meet the Dalai Lama

Thursday, October 5

1. Chinese army killing Tibetan refugees confirmed (FTC)
2. Filipino climbers witness killings in Tibet (PDI)
3. Two Tibetan refugees reportedly killed by Chinese border guards (AP)
4. Chinese guards 'kill Tibetans' (BBC)
5. "Consider yourselves as representatives of Tibetan people as a whole", His Holiness tells assembly (TibetNet)
6. Dalai Lama administers oath of office to New Kalons (Phayul)
7. Dalai Lama blesses 'Buddha' film (IANS)
8. Dalai Lama blesses US docu on Tibet (CNN-IBN)

Friday, October 6

1. Kashag announces portfolios for three new Kalons (TibetNet)
2. Tibetan nun shot dead; other Tibetans feared killed on way to Nepal (ICT)
3. Tibetan refugees killed by Chinese soldiers
4. Ministers explain absence during recent Dalai Lama visit
5. China will be ready. Will India be?
6. Arundhati Roy and Medha Patkar support Dharna for the cause of Tibet at Jantar Mantar, Delhi

Sunday, October 8

1. Dalai Lama says exiled Tibetans will return if China agrees to 'meaningful autonomy' (AP)
2. Meeting unlikely between Dalai Lama and Hu Jintao (HT)
3. The harder thing in Tibet
4. Dalai Lama seeks elimination of 'destructive' emotions (PTI)
5. Tibetan Culture Converges
6. Senior Tibetan Lama blesses the Tibetan Peace Garden in London

Monday, October 9

1. Dalai Lama against 'clash of civilisations' (TOI)

Tuesday, October 10

1. Climbers watched as Chinese guards shot Tibetans (Reuters)
2. Chinese troops arrest 10 Tibetan children (IANS)
3. Tibetans Survive Border Guards, Reach Nepal Capital (IPS)
4. Tibetan Intellectual's Blogs Shuttered
5. Tibetan children in Chinese custody after shooting at Nangpa Pass (ICT)
6. Contemporary art exhibition coming up soon at Tibet Museum (Tibetnet)
7. Tibetan Youth Congress Day observed in New York
8. Dalai Lama calls for continuous dialogue between religions (AFP)

Wednesday, October 11

1. China tries to gag climbers who saw Tibet killings
2. China tries to clamp down on climbers who saw Tibet killings (ANI)
3. Climber's shock at Tibet killing (BBC)
4. My Return to Tibet: A 17-Year Journey (RFA)
5. Pope Benedict to meet with Dalai Lama (AP)
6. World: Dalai Lama Says Extremism Not Representative Of Faith (RFE/RL)
7. An exclusive interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Friday, October 13

1. China tries to gag climbers who saw Tibet killings
2. China says border guards killed a fleeing refugee in self-defense (AP)
3. China won't confirm border shootings
4. Tibetans, Westerners Describe Deadly Shooting at China-Nepal Border (AFP)
5. Czech stand on human rights violation in Tibet reserved - Bursik
6. World: Dalai Lama Says Extremism Not Representative Of Faith
7. Pope meets Dalai Lama
8. Dalai Lama sees Pope, says few Muslims "mischievous"

Sunday, October 15

1. Video contradicts China on shooting of Tibetans (NYT)
2. Video footage of Nangpa Pass shooting refutes official Chinese statement
3. Romanian TV releases Tibet shooting video (ISTAP)
4. Fleeing refugees 'shot like dogs' (AP)
5. Letter to Editor: Appeal to the Climbing community
6. Pope Meets With the Dalai Lama
7. Beauty pageant embraced by exiles who miss Tibet (The Australian)
8. From Chinese jail to Miss Tibet? A girl's dream
9. Dalai Lama welcomes Indian support for Tibetan cause
10. The prayer wheels of hope (IE)

Tuesday, October 17

1. Dharamshala condemns Nangpa Pass Killings in Tibet (TibetNet)
2. China tries to turn tide on Tibet front (LAT)
3. China mum on film showing troops killing refugee (AFP)
4. Video shows apparent shooting on Tibetans by China (Reuters)
5. The Ghost is Running Wild even in the Broad Daylight!
6. There she is, Miss Tibet (CSM)
7. The life story of a Tibetan Revolutionary available in Tibetan (TibetNet)
8. A Buddhist temple in Russia celebrates 10th founding anniversary (TibetNet)

Wednesday, October 18

1. Protest in Toronto against China's Recent Attacks on Tibetan Refugees
2. Brutality in Tibet (GM)
3. Two Norwegian mountaineers witness the shooting
4. New images of aftermath of Nangpa pass shooting (ICT)

Thursday, October 19

1. Climbing into Trouble (TM)
2. Canada condemns Chinese soldier killing of Tibetan refugee (AFP)
3. Exile parliament urges UNHRC High Commissioner to take note of Nangpa-La pass shooting (TibetNet)
4. Illegitimate killing of defenceless Tibetan refugees on Nangpa La Pass by Chinese police
5. Tibetan-Americans Outraged by Cold Blooded Shooting of Young Nun and Children in Snows
6. Tibetan parliament-in-exile greets new UN General Secretary (TibetNet)
7. Tibet Buddhist plans teachings about happiness (ADS)
8. Unique Research Center on Buddhism Opens in Israel

Friday, October 20

1. Tibet question in Italian Government (TCI)
2. Bot to raise the issue of the shooting on Tibetans with China (ANP)
3. A Journey Back to My Homeland, Tibet
4. Representatives to meet here for annual meeting (TibetNet)

Sunday, October 22

1. Challenges at Shetongmon (TibetInfoNet)
2. Tibet express puts leopards on fast track to extinction (TD)
3. Local woman gives Tibet buckets of help
4. Nangpa La shooting survivors head for India
5. Global meet on wireless solutions at Dharamsala (IANS)

Tuesday, October 24

1. Fleeing Tibet: Transit through terror
2. Mr. Jia Qinglin braved Tibetans protesters in London .
3. Successful Urgent Protest Action Campaign via SMS, and Vigil held in Oslo
4. British Business Leaders lunch with senior Chinese leader, days after brutal murder of Tibetans at border
5. TCV celebrates 46th founding anniversary (TibetNet)
6. Kalon Kesang Y. Takla sworn in
7. Top Chinese adviser meets Tibetans in Britain (Xinhua)

Wednesday, October 25

1. Three Detained for Allegedly Helping Tibetans Flee (RFA)
2. Repression under China: Murder in the mountains
3. Special report: China Tibet Culture Festival

Thursday, October 26

1. China detains 50-plus Tibetan refugees
2. Tibetans recollect a harrowing journey
3. Belgian Foreign Minster says he finds Nangpa-La incident very hard to accept
4. Tibetan Volunteers organize candle light vigil for Nangpa La victims in Kathmandu
5. Task Force concludes two-day meeting
6. Exile Parliament welcomes delegation of BTSM
7. Qinghai-Tibet Railway Enclosed In Winter For Safety Concerns
8. Shanghai: Tibet Trip Cheaper in Winter
9. RSS chief meets the Dalai Lama
10. Tibet's foreign trade leaps 49 pct in first nine months

Friday, October 27

1. Art Exhibit Focuses On Dalai Lama To Inspire Peace
2. Buddha temple to be consecrated in Rampur
3. Rights group wants China Tibetan shooting inquiry
4. China: Permit Independent Investigation into Shooting of Tibetan Refugees Chinese Troops Fire on Group, Including Children, Attempting to Flee Tibet
5. Sudarshan's trip down memory lane
6. China pledges to advance and protect human rights
8. Federal court 32 call U.S. new home in ceremony
9. European Parliament Adopts A Resolution On Tibet And The Commission Finds Chinese Policy In Tibet Is Inconsistent
10. National Conference on Tibet held in Dharamsala
11. Tibetan monks teach lessons at Wilton Montessori School

Saturday, October 28

1. China draws a veil across the mountains
2. China's Great Wall of Censorship
3. Tibetan woollen items to shield Mumbai from winter
4. Experience of a Lifetime

Sunday, October 29

1. Tibetan refugees flee despite dangers and hardships
2. Long cold march from Tibet
3. The Dalai Lama consecrates Thungyur Lakhang monastry
4. 'Unrepresented nations' sign peace pledge in Taiwan
5. JUST BACK FROM: Mount Everest's Tibet side
6. A life with Rinpoche
7. What, me worry? Chants are I will

Monday, October 30

1. Death on Tibetans' long walk to freedom
2. Dalai Lama arrives in Japan for 14-day visit
3. Dalai Lama starts tour of Japan
4. Interview with Ringzin Choekyi, one of the 14 Drapchi Nuns

Tuesday, October 31

1. His Holiness to participate in international peace summit in Hiroshima
2. Dalai Lama arrives in Hiroshima
3. China trying to bribe leaders of Tibetan Diaspora - Tibetan Youth Congress
4. 'Go west' in Chinese: A new rail line confronts Tibetan culture
5. Confirmation of Olympic Flame preparations on Everest next spring: climbers' access to be restricted
6. Madison Students for a Free Tibet and Tibetan Community Rally in Protest of Tibetan Refugees Shot by Chinese Police
7. Demonstrators walk for a free Tibet
8. Mandala: A Spiritual Experience of Tibet
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