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WTN Archives: January, 2007

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Saturday, January 6

1. With the Chinese, don't discuss Tiananmen, Tibet or Taiwan, French ministry advises
2. Carter Library Hosts Talk on Tibet
3. Monk crawls from Tibet to India in search of enlightenment
4. Media cannot dictate national affairs of a country: Karmapa Lama
5. Kalon Tripa to address the Tibetans in South India
6. Tibetan Writer Woeser to Contribute Programs for Radio Free Asia
7. 13 Nobel Peace Laureates Apply For Visas To Visit Suu Kyi

Sunday, January 7

1. On top of the ROOF of the WORLD
2. Record-breaking temperatures in Tibet
3. Tibet's record temperatures spark climate change fears
4. Bodyguard exemplifies self-sacrifice

Monday, January 8

1. Colorful showcase celebrates Tibetan culture
2. Don't commercialise Tibetan medicines, says PM in exile
3. Since when taking payments is problem!
4. A Magnificent Tibetan Temple in India

Tuesday, January 9

1. A China you've never seen
2. Campaign to free Tibet: Writing letter to PM in blood
4. Tibet deal excites South China Resources

Wednesday, January 10

1. Retired staff to offer long-life offering to His Holiness the Dalai Lama
2. Tibetan medicine council elects new members
3. Tibetans banned from marking traditional Buddhist anniversary
4. Russian media coverage on His Holiness and Tibet
5. Gyalwa Karmapa returns to Dharamsala after almost two months of spiritual tour
6. Dharamshala`s school for differently abled Tibetan kids
7. Rowell Fund awards more than $50,000 to Tibetan projects
8. With love, from ChinaAdd to Clippings

Thursday, January 11

1. China bans Tibetans marking festival
2. Peace March from Jammu to Delhi in support of Tibet solidarity
3. India Reiterates Tibet Position to Visiting Chinese Leader Liu Yandong

Friday, January 12

1. Tibetan settlement officers to meet this month
2. Long-life offering to His Holiness on behalf of Tibetans in and outside Tibet
3. Dalai Lama lauds State Bank of Mysore
4. One year after Kalachakra, Amaravathi looks forlorn
5. Tibetan Altar Display at Philadelphia Museum of Art
6. Thank Havens for Richie

Friday, January 12 (2)

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave kind visit to Tashi Lhunpo Monastery, South India
2. Monks chant Karmapa claim
3. When Dalai Lama stopped a Patna show for Chinese pilgrims
4. Dalai Lama footage irks Chinese tourists in India
5. TYC Youth Leadership Training rekindled the flame of patriotisms
6. Distinguished teacher to speak about connection between science and Buddhism
7. Two disputed frontiers and one big idea
8. Dharamsala protests Liu Yangdong's ongoing India visit
9. Human Rights Watch Says Lhasa Railroad Increased Tibetan Concerns About Marginalization
10. Richard Gere takes monks by surprise
11. Dalai Lama Endorses Everest Peace Documentary Film

Sunday, January 14

1. Tibetan nuns find time for education in an Indian exile
2. Understanding China: an effective means for Tibetan Freedom struggle?
3. Folios of the Raj
4. International films at festival
5. Qinghai-Tibet Railway to extend further in Tibet
6. Tibet to subsidize low-income people

Monday, January 15

1. Prostrating Buddhist monk draws admirers
2. Dalai Lama concerned over growing Chinese population in Tibet
3. Dalai Lama to visit Tripura
4. Cycle rally by RTYC Chandigarh to Delhi
5. Qinghai-Tibet Railway to come closer to India
6. King Holiday Honors Global Tradition of Non-Violence
7. Tibet aims for three million tourists this year

Tuesday, January 16

1. Prostrating monk' reaches Bihar
2. Seer pill to tackle conflict - Blend altruism with selfishness: Dalai Lama
3. Dalai Lama urges better ties between India and China
4. Remove global tension with Buddha's teachings: Dalai Lama
5. Dalai Lama on a three-day visit to Tripura
6. Dalai Lama our leader- A tribute by Tibetans in Agartala
7. Future Dalai Lamas will not commend political influence - Buddhist spiritual leader
8. TYC strongly condemn the visit of Dai Bingguo
9. Trade rules

Wednesday, January 17

1. Tibetan leader Dalai Lama opposes death by hanging
2. Leading Polish paper acknowledge Tibetan representative's visit
3. Exiled Tibetans protest as India, China try to resolve border dispute
4. Successor not the real issue but Tibet, says Dalai Lama
5. Teddy bear hippie' is unlikely multimillionaire

Thursday, January 18

1. Mayor Bloomberg honors a Tibetan student
2. Escape from Exile
3. China bans officials and students from Tibet festival
4. Dalai Lama reiterates demand for Tibetan autonomy
5. "My successor is not the main issue", says Dalai Lama
6. Concept of China changed: Dalai Lama
7. Dalai Lama criticises Saddam execution
8. VOA Tibetan TV Service - Pride or Incompetent.
9. We Need to Revisit Tibetan History
10. Florida Museum to display Tibetan treasures
11. The lure of the plateau
12. Awareness Video Night
13. THE EDGY VEGGIE Smart, soulful, sexy people don't eat meat

Friday, January 19

1. Dalai Lama charms Tripura
2. Tibetans want mutually acceptable solution: Dalai Lama
3. RTYC cycle rally from Chandigarh to Delhi- Update
4. 'Govt awaiting China's response over Ladakh-Tibet road'
5. Tibetans say no to wildlife products
6. Freedom House Rates Tibet Worst in Political Rights and Civil Liberties for 2006
7. Tibetans relive memories of Shadow Tibet
8. Dalai Lama biographer to visit Tibetan community center
9. China Will Tap Copper Reserves In Eastern Tibet
10. Hu Jintao Gambles on the West
11. China takes on the world - Editorial

Saturday, January 20

1. His Holiness returns to a rousing welcome
2. Peace be upon us
3. Dalai Lama scheduled to speak in western Massachusetts
4. A Way Ahead: Human Approach to a Peaceful World
5. Tibet officials claim Qinghai-Tibet Railway boosted development
6. UN expands partnerships with locals

Sunday, January 21

1. The Dalai Lama denied entry into Kenya
2. Dalai Lama set to visit WMass
3. Dalai Lama biographer to visit Tibetan community center
4. Dalai Lama stresses need for tolerance
5. The modernizing of Tibet

Monday, January 22

1. China India war or friendship? Arunachal and Aksai Chin major issues - India cannot forget Tibet
2. Centre awaiting Chinese response over Ladakh-Tibet road
3. Journey to top of the world

Tuesday, January 23

1. Walking from Tibet to Bodh GayaAdd to Clippings
2. OBITUARY: Kyabje Chogye Trichen Rinpoche
3. Exiled Tibetans rap China for attack on the Dalai Lama
4. Accept Tibet as part of China: Dalai Lama
5. Tibet sandstorm season arrives two months early
6. Author-Interview Guest Tells How to Share Christ with Buddhists, Americans Enamored with, Influenced by Eastern Religion
7. Fla. Museum offers 'Nomads' Home School class
8. Flowers fell from the heavens
9. Burma and Tibet
10. Think On

Wednesday, January 24

1. Tibetan struggle to hold out to the last man: Kalon Tripa
2. Tibet's government-in-exile still hopeful of an amicable solution with Beijing
3. Kyabje Chogye Trichen Rinpoche on Thukdham
4. Bhopal based medical practitioner runs campaign for a Free Tibet through blood soaked posters
5. Journey of a Lifetime: Fictional Account of a Real Tibetan
6. Luce Foundation to Fund Tibetan and Himalayan Historical GIS
7. US-based Indian scribe pens Dalai Lama biography

Thursday, January 25

1. '2007: Year of Intensive Support for Tibetan Cause'
2. Meeting God
3. India pursues wide-ranging agenda
4. "Independence as Tibet's Only Option: Why the 'Middle Path' is a Dead End"
5. Large copper and iron ore deposits located along Qinghai-Tibet Railway
6. The Rainbow Warrior

Friday, January 26

1. The End of Tibet

Saturday, January 27

1. Long-distance prostrating pilgrimage
2. Dalai Lama to speak on Maui April 24-25
3. Dalai Lama in Mumbai next week!
4. Active role for private tour operators in Buddhist circuit proposed
5. Exiled Tibetans launch signature campaign for detained Lama's release
6. Looking Back From Nangpa-La -Jamyang Norbu
7. 2007:Year of intensive support for Tibet' launched today
8. Big mineral find made China build Tibet rail
9. Nine years in Tibet

Sunday, January 28

1. Kalon Tripa to launch campaign of Bharat Tibbat Sahyog Manch
2. The happiest man in the world?
3. China Detains Tibetan Monk in Gansu
4. Familiarity breeding contempt- the result of Sino-Tibetan Dialogue Process
5. Tibetans in Toronto Commemorate 4th anniversary of Lobsang Dhondup Execution

Monday, January 29

1. Tibet scholar endorses Bapu's take on non-violence
2. Strong interest shown in Dalai Lama's Bendigo visit
3. Massive metals deposits revealed along China's Qinghai-Tibet Railway
4. Old Hindustan Tibet Road as tourist destination
5. An Interview with Lhadon Tethong, the director of SFT

Tuesday, January 30

1. Hitlers, Pinochets will be forgotten, but Gandhi will live on'
2. Pro Tibet support group free for its own path on Tibet, says Rinpoche
3. UN ineffective on Tibet: Rinponche
4. Tibetan youth allegedly detained by China after shooting incident reaches India
5. Dalai Lama's visit to U.S. this spring creates awareness and witnessing opportunity for Christians
6. Cambodian official says Dalai Lama still not welcome
7. Tibetans and Jews Share Experiences

Wednesday, January 31

1. Meeting the Dalai Lama...
2. China beat would-be Tibetan escapees -rights group
3. Rail link brings AIDS, beggars to Tibet -Dalai Lama
4. China Defames the Dalai Lama at UN Meeting
5. Old Himachal hill road to be revived
6. Non-violence vs violence: The case of Tibet and Palestine
7. Chinese guards tortured captured Tibetans, says teenage survivor
8. Tibet Exhibit Opening Activities
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