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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."
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WTN Archives: August, 2007

Published by the Canada Tibet committee

Wednesday, August 1

1. Johann Hari: Your pension is funding this genocide (The Independent)
2. Mount Everest Highway Plans on Hold (AP)
3. Embracing peace in N. Ireland (TS)
4. UN censors question to U.N. chief on Tibet
5. Top Gere
6. New rules fail to free reporting in China
7. Australian film crew questioned by Chinese Military in Tibet
8. 23 gangsters jailed in Tibet
9. Tourist numbers to Tibet double on new railway (Reuters)

Thursday, August 2

1. China: No Progress on Rights One Year Before Olympics
2. D'SHALA DIARY: Mr N Ram and fellow travellers
3. Tibetans in Chennai target editor for misleading articles
4. China not living up to media freedom pledge-report
5. Human rights questions remain for China (CNN)
6. Tibetan People's Movement

Friday, August 3

1. A Tibetan arrested in Lithang for political demonstration (TCHRD)
2. Tibetans 'held after China rally' (BBC)
3. Security crackdown feared following public appeal by Tibetan for return of Dalai Lama (ICT)
4. China tightens control of Tibetans (Reuters)
5. Dalai Lama protests erupt in China (AP)
6. Tibet Activist travels to Beijing (SFT)
7. Will the Chinese government let 14 Tibetans die rather than provide evidence on its own statements? (UKTS)
8. Team Tibet brings 2008 Beijing Olympics human rights issue to Chicago Cubs game on Saturday
9. Dalai Lama to speak at Purdue on Oct. 26
10. Dalai Lama begins 20-day sojourn in Leh

Saturday, August 4

1. Newly formed National Olympics Committee of Tibet seeks invitation to Beijing 2008
2. India refuses permission to Tibetans protesting Beijing Olympics
3. New refoulement case in Nepal: Tibetan exile returned to China (ICT)
4. The Tibet that refuses to go away
5. Callers Decry Impact of Tibet Railway (RFA)
6. Rival Olympic torch relay targets human rights abuses
7. Tibetan people in Lhasa reel under influx of Chinese migrants
8. Buddhas told to apply for reincarnation
9. Response to N Ram on Tibet (The Hoot)

Monday, August 6

1. Hundreds of Tibetans leave Nepal for "Mass Movement" for Tibet (Phayul)
2. Tibetan groups play to protest Beijing Games (Reuters)
3. Delhi hosts India-Tibet friendly match (NDTV)
4. Tibet scores a point in Delhi as China plays hard to get (IBN Live)
5. Tibetans demand representation in 2008 Beijing Olympics (ANI)
6. Tibetans seek IOC invitation to 2008 Beijing Olympics (IANS)
7. China, IOC stand firm against boycott calls (DPA)
8. Nepal deports Tibetan to China (IST, TNN)
9. REINCARNATION RED TAPE (Editorial, The Telegraph)
10. China tells living Buddhas to obtain permission before they reincarnate (Times)
11. China Seizes 27 Snow Leopard Pelts (AP)
12. COMMENT: Misplaced priorities or gross insensitivity

Tuesday, August 7

2. China Under Fire From All Sides A Year Ahead Of Games (Reuters)
3. China: Attacks on Media Violate Olympic Commitments (HRW)
4. Amnesty Criticizes China Over Olympics (AP)
5. A year to go (Economist)
6. Free Tibet banner on Great Wall fuels official fears of more rights protests (SMH)
7. Human rights groups pressure China (The Age)
8. Two Canadians detained in China after protest on Great Wall (Canwest)
9. Briton detained in China over Tibet protest (Times)
10. China's "living Buddhas" rules stoke fire in Tibet (Reuters)
11. Dalai Lama urges Tibet hunger strikers to end fast (Reuters)
12. General Punished for Shooting Tibetans (AP)

Wednesday, August 8

1. Tibetan Canadian Observer detained in Beijing (SFT)
2. One World, One Dream, One Big Human Rights Problem (Der Spiegel)
3. Unlucky start to Games countdown (Scotsman)
4. Great Wall protest (Vancouver Sun)
5. China detains third Canadian, a leader of activist group seeking free Tibet (CP)
6. 3rd Canadian detained by China, student group says (CBC)
7. Activists arrested in China (The Province)
8. Protesters in action as Beijing gets set for one-year countdown to Olympics (AP)
9. Parents worried after 2 Vancouverites reportedly held in China (CBC)
10. Canadians detained in China now leaving country, reports say
11. Activists Step Up Criticism of China, One Year Before Beijing Olympics (VOA)
12. Beijing Olympics can't avoid political issues (New Zealand Herald)
13. China: Human-Rights Pressure Increases As Olympic Countdown Begins
14. Thousands of Tibetans march in Indian capital against China's rule in Tibet (AP)
15. Tibetans protest 2008 Beijing Olympics (ANI)
16. Tibetans to hold massive rally against Chinese government (IANS)
17. Indian Tibetans march to shame Olympics host China (Reuters)
18. Terror in Tibet
19. Sinopec establishes exploration base in Tibet

Friday, August 10

1. China expels three Canadians detained after Tibet protest (CanWest)
2. Canadians deported from China get heroes' welcome (
3. China frees Canadian Tibet activists (CP)
5. China deports pro-Tibet activists (Al Jazeera)
6. 14 Tibetan exiles end 33-day hunger strike against China's hosting of Olympics
7. Tibetans in exile launch global action for Tibet (Taipei Times)
8. Tibetans shun path of peace in their fight to free country (Times)
9. Indian Tibetans march to shame Olympics host China (Reuters)
10. Bumpy road: Beijing's path to big show unlikely to run smooth (SI)
11. Sunshine hard to find as 'Greyjing' prepares (National Post)
12. Top of the World (Bangkok Post)

Sunday, August 12

1. Between the Middle Kingdom and the Land of Snows (National Review)

Tuesday, August 14

1. China purges Tibet gov't of ethnic Tibetans in crackdown on Dalai Lama loyalists: report (AP)
2. Official petition on Dalai Lama may have provoked Lithang action (ICT)
3. Open Letter: Lithang Rongye Adak: the man who spoke up for freedom
4. Tibetans Clash With Muslims in China's Qinghai (RFA)
5. Tibetan Protesters Withdraw Amid Threat of Force (RFA News)
6. Was protest the real thing?
7. Olympic Fever (TIME)
8. Tibet Activists Swarm Chicago and China's Consulate (ITIM)

Sunday, August 19

1. Tibet's transformation: A new age for Lhasa (LAT)
2. TIBET: Ronggye A'drak's fate remains uncertain (TCHRD)
3. Global map wars come home (Toronto Star)
4. China: Monks must get OK to be reincarnated (Times Herald)
5. Tashi Ch"ling

Thursday, August 23

1. Chinese Authorities Detain Monks, Others After Tibetan-Muslim Clashes (RFA)
2. Reincarnation rules (Economist)
4. India-Tibet trade moves, but slowly, across Himalayas (IANS)
5. China Regulates Buddhist Reincarnation (Newsweek)
6. China's Communists Want the Spotlight on the Games, Not Them
8. Sale of the Arts of the Buddha in New York (
9. China's envoy to U.S. bristles at criticism (Oregonian)
10. Shadow boxing with an Olympic giant (Khaleej Times)

Saturday, August 25

1. New images confirm dispersal of Tibetans by armed police after Lithang protest
2. Tibet Watch publishes Special Report entitled 'Perversities of Extreme Dependence and Unequal Growth in the TAR'
3. Butter or Worse (TIME)
4. China Bans Buddhist 'reincarnation' Without Government Permission
5. 2007 'Tibet Holy Land Wedding' to hold in Oct
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