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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."

Shall we Talk to Double-dealing Dalai Lama?

July 2, 2008

Translator & editor: Lily Dong
Xinhua (People's Republic of China
June 30, 2008

* * *
Grab chance for peace talks
By Nyima

Some senior officials held talks with Dalai Lama's representative on
May 4 in Shenzhen. The two sides agreed further exchange at proper
time would be held again.

Undoubtedly it would be a good chance for Dalai Lama to improve the
relationship with central government. So it seems to me he should
cherish this chance and get prepared for further contact with
positive actions. "Three Don'ts" -- don't split China, don't
instigate violence, and don't disrupt 2008 summer Olympics -- should
be at the center of central government concerns.

However, Dalai Lama is capricious as we learned from the past and
current situation. Thus I suggest that he better have a better
understanding of the situation and make a right decision. Dalai Lama
should never take risks and bargain unreasonably to avoid
deteriorating the relation with central government and finally be
abandoned by the central government.

* * *
Necessary preconditions for further contacts
By Nyima

Several contacts between Dalai and central government have been held
so far. With enormous tolerance, honesty and patience, the Chinese
central government hopes the Dalai clique stop the activities to
split China, stop instigating violence, and stop spoiling the Beijing
Olympics and get ready for the upcoming talks.

However, we can still hear from the Dalai clique some nice verbal
words. Dalai Lama speaks politically and peacefully but other Tibetan
factions that still act violently. It's hard to imagine the upcoming
talks could be conducted smoothly under the circumstances. If the
situation cannot be changed, the central government has good reasons
to stop further contact with Dalai Lama and his followers.

* * *
By Xiao He

Dalai always claims he represents the interest of Tibetan people; to
have a talk with the central government is not a matter of himself
but a matter of all Tibetans.

But as far as I know, Dalai has no reason to represent Tibetan
people. Because he escaped in 1959 after a failed armed rebellion led
by him. The central government dissolved the former Tibetan local
government, and carried out democratic reforms. For a long period
before 1959, however, Tibet had been a society of feudal serfdom
characterized by the merging of politics and religion and the
dictatorship of the clergy and nobility. The Democratic Reform in
1959 put an end to the political system of combining religious with
political rule and introduced the new political system of people's
democracy. The Preparatory Committee for the Tibet Autonomous Region
was set up to supplant the former one.

If Dalai has not escaped and continued in his post as the chairman of
the Preparatory Committee, maybe, he could represent the Tibetan
people. But, in order to protect the backward social and political
system, he failed the Tibetan people and set up a "scoundrel exile
government" which was disapproved by all in the world.

What significant things did he do for Tibetan people? The answer is
nothing but destroy Tibetan people's peaceful life. How dare he
represent the Tibetan people? Only the People's Government of the
Tibet Autonomous Region can represent Tibetan people, because the
government brings benefits to Tibetan, they bring the development of
economy and culture, the improvement of people's life. What Dalai
Lama is able to represent are those people and his followers around
him. If he wanted to come back to China, he must stop his destructive
acts and follow the leadership of central government.

The Dalai clique is made up by the so-called official and unofficial
organizations. The official group is in charge of inventing the
theory of "Tibetan separation", while the unofficial organs take
charge of Carry-Out His-Separatist-Activities. They had done all to
spoil the summer Olympics, and sabotage the torch relay. Chinese
people all over the world have been outraged by them.

China recently has witnessed a series of disasters, such as the May
12 8.0-scale deadly earthquake in Sichuan province. So many people
died and injured in that severe disaster. Also countless after shocks
struck now and then. It must be pointed out that we Chinese become
only too strong , and can face up to all kinds of difficulties ahead
of us! I'm so proud to be a Chinese! In the crisis, the Dalai clique
came out in their true color. When all Chinese is doing their best to
help disaster area, Dalai clique is trying to disrupt the
efforts.They have no conscience at all. Ignore them is the only thing
we should do.

* * *
Don't talk to the double-dealing Dalai Lama!
By Hong Jie

The flunky Dalai Lama has been causing troubles for China for years
with the aids of foreign elements and forces. What's more, he never
stops threatening us from the beginning of this Olympic year.

Ever since China's Wenchuan earthquake struck on May 12, the
international community has paid little attention to him, so he
started to stir up troubles in different places in the world.
Recently, Dalai Lama even said that Tawang, the birthplace of the 6th
Dalai Lama, a territory that should belong to China, is Indian territory.

He is a traitor of Tibet and wants to sell Tibetan land to get
supports from foreign forces. He thought that Beijing is worried that
the Tibetan issue will ruin the summer Olympic Games. But he's wrong!
It's joking that China will be afraid of his activities. He assumes
that he is doing the wise thing, but in the end he and his followers
will attain nil. Why? It's very obvious that he's against Chinese
Central Government. His so-called "Greater Tibet" and "high-degree
autonomy for Tibet" are just other guises for Tibetan independence
which he has been seeking.

The current Chinese government is polite to him. If he lived in the
Ming or Qing Dynasty, the then government would not talk to him but
rather assign a general to destroy his force. Why should we give such
a flunky a chance to negotiate with our government? He even attacks
China when our nation is in difficulty!

* * *
Dalai is the main manipulator of violent and non-violent affairs
By Hong Jie

Dalai always claims that he is committed to non-violence. During an
interview with German "Der Spiegel" on May 6th this year, he said
that he is committed to non-violence during his life, and he will do
so in the future. How dare does he say so? Doesn't he think that the
armed rebellion in Tibet in 1959 is violent? Doesn't he think that
the rebel organization named "four rivers and six ranges", harassed
people in Sino-Nepal border, is violent? Didn't these affairs happen
in his life? Or didn't he lead these rebellions? He shouldn't be a
dotard because he gave speeches in several countries these years. If
he's not dull, it's obviously that he doesn't want to admit that the
1959 armed rebellion in Tibet and the harassing behaviors of "four
rivers and six ranges" are violent. He even claimed the Lhasa 3.14
riot is a "peaceful protest".

In an interview with AFP on May 23rd this year, Dalai said that if no
agreement would be gotten with Chinese government, the protest would
happen again, and would be violent. He thought more serious violence
would occur as well. If Dalai doesn't think 1959 armed rebellion in
Tibet, the harassing behaviors of "four rivers and six ranges" and
the Lhasa 3.14 riot are violent, then the "violence" mentioned by him
must be much more severe.

Dalai always says he has nothing to do with violence and has no
control over mob. However, in an interview with Japan's Yomiuri
Shimbun on May 25th this year, he said that if Beijing accepts his
proposal of Tibet, he promises no violence will be seen in the
future. His words prove that he can make the affair be violent or
not. His purpose is to ask Chinese central government to talk with
him and accept his requirements, otherwise, he will stir up troubles
and even sacrifice innocent lives.

It's unnecessary to cater to Dalai, who lacks credibility and
humanity. China condemns everyone who breaks the law.

What can he do then?
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