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Chan picks fight with Olympics protesters

July 3, 2008

By Alice Jones
The Independent (UK)
July 3, 2008

The Chinese actor and martial artist Jackie Chan, whose latest role
is as a spokesman for the Beijing Olympics in August, has described
China's human rights record in Tibet as "ancient history" and accused
protesters of being attention-grabbing contrarians seeking television fame.

"It is sad, very sad," Chan told The Independent. "But I am the
Olympic ambassador and I just want to say: Olympics is Olympics. You
cannot mix sports with politics. Olympics for me is love, peace,
united. In every country when they have [the] Olympics, a lot of
people come out opposed. This year everyone is concentrated on China
but it doesn't just happen in China, it happens everywhere."

The Hong Kong-born action star, 54, dismissed the international
condemnation that followed China's brutal crackdown in Tibet in
April, when troops killed and arrested Tibetan dissidents.

Referring to this year's Olympic torch relay, which was halted in
London as protesters surrounded the runners, Chan said the human
rights activists were "just naughty boys [who] want to be on TV".

He added: "They know if they can get the torch, then they can get on TV."

He insisted Tibet was "ancient history", saying: "That's not just two
or three years, that's like a million years... of myths. Nobody can
solve this kind of problem."
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