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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

Save Tibet Asia Pacific Forum Draws Resolution on Tibet

July 3, 2008

Tibet House, Tokyo (Japan)
July 3, 2008:

Parliamentarians, scholars and supporters of Tibet from Australia,
Taiwan and Japan who attended Save Tibet Asia Pacific Forum yesterday
at Gakkushi Kaikan hall in Yurakucho, Tokyo drew a resolution this
morning based on their deliberation and discussion on Tibet issue
yesterday. Kalon Kesang Yangkyi Takla, Minister for Information &
International Relations of Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala
was the chief speaker during the Forum. The resolution called upon
the world G-8 leaders who are scheduled to meet on 7th and 8th in
Hokkaido, Japan for Toyako summit to address Tibet issue during the
summit. Save Tibet Asia Pacific Forum was organized by Save Tibet
Network Japan, represented by Mr. Seishu Makino, former Japanese
Member of Parliament.

The resolution was drafted and discussed among the delegates and
unanimously finalized at 12 pm today as follows.

Resolution of the Save Tibet: Asia-Pacific Forum Given the current
critical situation in Tibet, present and past parliamentarians, Tibet
Support Groups and supporters from Australia, Taiwan and Japan
attended a forum immediately prior to the G8 summit to appeal to
world leaders to use their influence to address the Tibetan issue as
a matter of urgency. [Note: Tibet in this document refers to the
whole of Tibet, comprising the provinces of Amdo, Kham and U-Tsang.]

The Asia-Pacific Forum, organised by Save Tibet Network Japan*, was
held in Tokyo from 1-3 July 2008. Participants recognised the
dramatic increase of concern and support for Tibet throughout the
world resulting from the recent tragic events in Tibet.   The Forum
condemns the on-going violations of human rights in Tibet, including
arbitrary arrests, repression and the campaign of so-called
"patriotic education" in occupied Tibet.

The Forum commends the Tibetan people for responding to the call by
His Holiness the Dalai Lama to reject violence, despite the violence
and suffering inflicted on them by the Chinese authorities.

The Forum fully recognises His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the
Tibetan Government-in-Exile to be the legitimate representatives of
the Tibetan People.

The Forum fully supports the Middle Way Policy of His Holiness the
Dalai Lama and the re-opening of official contact between
Representatives of the Dalai Lama and the Government of the People's
Republic of China to discuss the peaceful resolution of the Tibet issue.

The Forum notes that many of the leaders attending the G8 Summit at
Toyako, Japan, including President George Bush, President Nicholas
Sarkozy, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Prime Minister Stephen Harper,
Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Prime
Minister Yasuo Fukuda have individually made strong statements of
support for the Tibet-China dialogue.

The Forum urges these leaders to jointly re-affirm their support for
the dialogue process and calls upon them to urge President Hu Jintao
to elevate the dialogue to the level of formal, results-oriented
negotiations leading to genuine autonomy for the Tibetan people as
soon as possible.

The Forum urgently calls on the Chinese leadership to:

a) Cease the arbitrary arrest and detention of Tibetans and
immediately release all those imprisoned for peacefully exercising
their basic human right to free expression
b) Allow the United Nations, foreign journalists and other media,
diplomats and independent international fact-finding delegations
unrestricted access to Tibet
c) Immediately cease the so-called "patriotic education" campaign
which has been re-introduced across Tibet
d) Respect the rights of the Tibetan people to engage freely in
cultural and religious practices
e) Cease the facilitation of migration by Han Chinese and other
non-Tibetans into Tibet
f) Stop the reckless exploitation of Tibetan natural resources which
is endangering Tibet's fragile eco-systems and impacting on
neighbouring countries
g) Transform the Tibet-China dialogue from mere token discussions to
transparent, agenda-driven negotiations with the aim of achieving
genuine autonomy for the Tibetan people and bringing harmony to both
Tibet and China.

Tokyo 3 July 2008

At 13:30 hrs Kalon Kesang Y Takla along with the other delegates from
Australia, Taiwan and Japan gave a press conference concerning the
Forum and the resolution. The resolutions drafted in English and
Japanese was distributed and read before the press. Kalon Kesang Y
Takla thanked the Asia Pacific Forum organizers, and informed the
press that she had a good opportunity to participate in the Forum`s
discussion on Tibet issue and that the deliberations have been very
fruitful and vibrant. She spoke on critical nature of Tibetan
struggle for peace and justice. She concluded here remark with a hope
that the G-8 leaders will take the Forum`s resolution seriously and
adopt appropriate action to urge China to resolve Tibet issue at the

Mr. Makino, organizer of the Forum said, `G-8 summit is very
important; we have seen good numbers of agendas to be discussed
during the summit. But despite the brutal crackdown in Tibet and
gross human right violation taking place in the region, Tibet is
issue not in the agenda. We want to appeal the G-8 leaders to raise
Tibet issue to bring peace and stability in Asia, for that matter in
the world.`

He said the resolution will be handed over to the office of Japanese
Prime Minister, and Foreign Minister tomorrow by Mr. Edano Yukio,
President of Japanese Parliamentarian Group for Tibet. Through the
office of Japanese Foreign Minister the resolution will be passed to
the leaders of G-8 nations. He further added that Save Tibet Network
will follow up the matter to see that this resolution make its proper
impact during the G-8 summit in Hokkaido.

After attending to the questions from the press, Kalon Kesang Yangkyi
Takla and the delegates left the venue, marking the successful
conclusion of Save Tibet Asia Pacific Forum, Tokyo.
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