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Tibetans exiles protest in front of Chinese embassy visa office in Nepal

July 6, 2008

July 04, 2008 18:17]

Kathmandu, July 4 - Hundreds of Tibetans protesting Chinese control
of their homeland tried to storm the Chinese Embassy visa office in
the Nepalese capital on Friday, police said.

A few managed to reach the gates of the fortified complex in Katmandu
but police detained them, along with about 300 other protesters who
had been held back from the gates by a line of security officers,
police official Ramesh Thapa said.

Thapa said the protesters would be freed later Friday and that no one
would be charged.
There was brief scuffle between the protesters and police, but no one
was seriously injured, protesters said. They asked not to be named
saying they were afraid of the police.

Nepal has said it cannot allow protests against any friendly nation,
including China, and have ordered police to protect foreign
diplomatic missions. Protests near embassies have not been tolerated.

Tibetans have been protesting in Katmandu against Chinese control of
Tibet almost daily since March.
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