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Musician Moby Meets Dalai Lama And Blogs About Experience

July 20, 2008

Jan Westmark - Celebrity News Service

Philadelphia, PA July 18, 2008 (CNS) - Platinum-selling musician Moby
had a very special audience on Thursday in Philadelphia - the Dalai Lama.

Moby wrote on his website about the experience, also explaining that he
was joined by friends Serj Tankian from System of a Down, KT Tunstall
and Joss Stone.

"Mainly I was struck by his intellect," he wrote of the informal
meeting, which included a performance by Tunstall. "He might be the
brightest person I've ever met. Second, I was struck by his sense of humor."

Moby saw a display of the Dalai Lama's sense of humor: "I asked him ...
'If you could be completely selfish for a week, what would you do?'
'Sleep,' he said. 'So you'd be a professional sleeper?' I asked. And he
laughed and laughed. And boy, when the Dalai Lama laughs at one of your
jokes (even if it's not such a good joke) you feel pretty good."

Moby said he was so worried the night before about his upcoming
conversation with the spiritual leader, that he couldn't sleep.

"A part of me wanted to ask fun and lighthearted questions, like, 'If
you were a breakdancer what would you want for your breakdancing name?'
And another part of me wanted to ask more serious questions about dharma
and meditation and politics and quantum mechanics ... and then it was

Before the meeting even began, Moby talked about a surprise the Dalia
Lama had outside of the hotel with Snoop Dogg and his crew who were
leaving the hotel as the Dalai Lama arrived. "Postmodernism reared it's
messy head and the Dogg Pound posed for pictures with the H.H. Dalai
Lama," Moby wrote. "This, needless to say, was entertaining."

The musician summed up the experience by saying, "This was a way more
interesting day than most."
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