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Announcement: Gyuto Monks of Tibet

July 22, 2008

Australian Stage
July 20, 2008   

Melbourne -- The popular Gyuto Monks of Tibet will return to the
Incinerator Arts Centre in Moonee Ponds from Friday 18 July to Sunday
27 July. This will be the Monks third visit to the Incinerator and
their first since 2006 when they drew huge crowds to their concerts
and daily programs.

The annual visits to Australia by the Gyuto Monks have become a
valued and intrinsic part of our cultural experience.  Their
popularity continues to grow across all ages and socio-economic
demographics with the Melbourne public seemingly entranced by these
ambassadors of Tibetan culture.

Each year a different group of Monks from the Gyuto Tantric
University at New Ramoche Monastery in Dharamsala, India is selected
to tour Australia to spread their unique teaching of peace and love
without judgment while also enriching our cultural landscape with the
passing on and demonstration of their sacred and ancient arts rituals.

The Monks will share the wisdom of their teaching and meditation
techniques, engage in quiet concentration on the mandala, perform
their world renowned chanting and enchant audiences with their
genuine pleasure in demonstrating some of their most traditional arts

Led by Gen Lama, who followed the Dalai Lama into exile in 1959, all
six monks on the tour this year were born and raised in Tibet but are
now resident at the Gyuto Tantric University.  The younger monks have
all travelled the same route since - all trained at Gyuto Ramoche
Temple in Lhasa before fleeing to refuge in India.  Gen Lama is very
happy to be returning to Australia following his previous visits with
the Dalai Lama.

To commence the residency at the Incinerator, the Monks will hold a
special Puja for peace on the first evening, Friday 18 July at 7.00
pm.   The daily program will then run from 10am to 4pm with evening
talks and concerts.

Gyuto Monks of Tibet
When: Friday 18th - Sunday 27th July
Where: Incinerator Arts Complex, 180 Holmes Road, Moonee Ponds
Event: Daily program - full program available on
Time: 10am - 4pm
Tickets: Free

Gyuto Monks Concert
Date: Thursday 24th & Friday 25th July
Time: 8pm
Tickets: $20 full $15 concession
Two concert package $35 full and $25 concession
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