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Chinese and Tibetans take first step to strengthen harmony

July 23, 2008

Editing by Lobsang Choedak
July 21, 2008

Sydney -- As a first step towards promoting better understanding and
harmony, the Chinese and Tibetan Friendship Association-based in
Australia, initiated a meeting between the two communities at Manly,
a hub of tourism and social meeting place near Sydney on 19 July.

Mr Kamal Sarma, long time friend of both the Tibetans and the
Chinese, helped in arranging the meeting.

Many Chinese and Tibetan community members, who are supporters of the
strengthening of relationships between the two communities, attended
the meeting.

They tied orange bands on each others' wrist to strengthen
protection, friendship and harmony.

"The winter day in Manly supplied glorious sunshine to set the scene
for this warm gesture of sincerity from one community to the other.
One step in a mutually beneficial journey, as friendship always is,"
said Tenzin Gaden, president of the Chinese and Tibetan Friendship Association.

The friendship association between Chinese and Tibetans was formed
following suggestions from His Holiness the Dalai Lama to promote
harmony between the two communities during his visit to Australia in June.

The association was started on the occasion of 73rd birthday of His
Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Ms Mei Leech, a famous artist from China based in Australia and who
is also the president of the association said: "I propose that we
(Chinese and Tibetans) act together to eliminate the misunderstanding
of the Chinese majority, and to dissolve their resentment and
adversarial sentiments."

"Only in this way can Han Chinese and Tibetans co-exist harmoniously
in peace, which is the basis of worldwide harmony between different
nations," she said during the function to mark the formation of the
Chinese and Tibetan Friendship Association.
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