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Video: The Succession of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Democracy

July 24, 2008

July 18, 2008

Early in 2008, Robert Thurman, President of Tibet House hosted a
panel discussion with Elliot Sperling, Jamyang Norbu, and
himself.  The topic examined concerns the reincarnation of the Dalai
Lama in light of China's decision to control the recognition of these
incarnations.  In my previous posting, I included Jamyang Norbu's
brief talk on High Asia, which was a part of this discussion.  Below
you will find five further installments.  Each one lasts
approximately ten minutes, and is extremely informative.  So take
your time, take notes, and listen to each of these speakers
responding to one of the central problems that confronts contemporary
Tibetans as they grapple with the Chinese empire.  You simply can't
find information--with its special quality of spontaneity and
intelligence--like this anywhere else. Finally--many, many thanks to
Tibet House for making this extraordinary discussion available on YouTube.

Robert F. Thurman: Director of Tibet House and International
Authority on Tibetan Buddhism

Elliot Sperling: Professor of Tibetan Studies in the Department of
Central Eurasian Studies at Indiana University and specialist on
Sino-Tibetan relations

Jamyang Norbu: Award-winning writer and author of recent article "The
Jewel in the Ballot Box: Electing a New Dalai Lama"

Moderator: US Tibet Committee (USTC) Wangchuk Shakabpa

All Tibetans and friends are aware of His Holiness's recent
statements proposing new and untraditional methods by which a future
incarnation of the Dalai Lama might be chosen. It is most likely that
the Dalai Lama offered these proposals as a response to Chinese
government announcements of new rules regulating the incarnation
process of Tibetan lamas that appear to be aimed at controlling the
selection of the next Dalai Lama. These statements by His Holiness in
addition to his announcement in May of 2007 of his desire to move
into "retirement" has greatly troubled Tibetan society.

Despite the tremendous concerns and fears of the Tibetan people,
there has been little public discussion on these happenings within
Tibetan society. This small inaugural seminar The Future of the Dalai
Lamas and Tibetan Democracy was held on February 10, 2008 at Tibet
House in New York City. It is hoped that the event will contribute to
opening up a greater national debate on this most vital development
in the future of Tibet and the Tibetan people.

Organized by Rangzen Alliance, Students for a Free Tibet, US Tibet
Committee and Tibet House U.S.

The North American edition of Jamyang Norbu's Shadow Tibet: Selected
Writings 1989 to 2004 was released at this event.

Music Credits: "Happy Losar" by Sonam and Mingmar

Students for a Free Tibet

Tibet House

International Campaign for Tibet

Information about panel discussion provided by Students for a Free Tibet

Future of the Dalai Lamas and Tibetan Democracy Part One

Future of the Dalai Lamas and Tibetan Democracy Part Two

Future of the Dalai Lamas and Tibetan Democracy Part Three

Future of the Dalai Lamas and Tibetan Democracy Part Four

Future of the Dalai Lamas and Tibetan Democracy Part Five

Future of the Dalai Lamas and Tibetan Democracy Part Six
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