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Dalai Lama Brainwashing Children: Nepal Maoists

August 3, 2008

Times of India
August 2, 2008

KATHMANDU -- Nepal's Maoists have accused Tibetan spiritual leader
the Dalai Lama of brainwashing children as young as seven years after
luring them away from Nepal in the name of educating them.

This week, 29 young boys, aged between seven and 14 years, were
brought to Kathmandu from remote mountainous in Solukhumbu district
on the Nepal-Tibet border to be sent to Dharamsala in India, where
the exiled Tibetan leader resides, the Maoist mouthpiece Janadisha
daily reported on Saturday.

The youngsters are mostly Nepali boys of Tibetan origin, the daily
said, publishing their names and ages. They come from poor families
who are overjoyed by the promise of free education for the children.

"I am going to Dharamsala for education," 12-year-old P. Bomjan from
Baruwa village told the daily. "I want to become a doctor."

"My mother sent me, my father is dead," said another boy, 14-year-old Tar Lama.

The Maoist daily said a resident of Helambu village, Sarki Lama, was
taking the boys to the Indian town and had coached them to trot out
the same answer to all curious passersby.

"The Dalai Lama's supporters are taking children en masse from remote
villages in Nepal," the Maoist daily said. "The exiled leader, who
lives in India, faces allegations of fomenting anti-China protests in
Nepal, which are planned by the US."

The report appeared even as China stepped up its anti-Dalai Lama
propaganda in Nepal.

With less than a week for the Olympic Games to start in Beijing,
state-run Chinese publications have begun carrying interviews with
Nepal's police officials and reporting them as saying that they were
compelled to use force on Tibetan protesters after the latter turned
violent and attacked policemen.

China is also on a major public relations drive in Nepal, taking
journalists and leaders of major political parties to controlled
visits of Tibet to project an image of unprecedented development and

Both Maoist Minister for Information and Communications Krishna
Bahadur Mahara and his son Atom have been taken on such sponsored
trips and an invitation has also been forwarded to Maoist supremo Prachanda.

China is asking Nepal's communist and Maoist parties to unite and
form a single communist party that would be able to better combat the
anti-China protests by Tibetan refugees in Nepal.

Prior to this, a section of the Nepali media also reported that the
Dalai Lama was recruiting a religious army in Nepal, a report denied
by the supporters of the Nobel peace laureate.
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