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Conditions deteriorate as TYC hunger strikers complete a week

August 4, 2008

By Tenzin Sangmo
August 3, 2008

New Delhi, August 3 - The six freedom fighters who have been on an
indefinite fast without food and water for a week now are fast
approaching life threatening ordeals. Their refusal to throw in the
towel for what they believe is a higher argument far outshines their
individual suffering.

Their will strengthens by the day so much so that a weak Sonam Dakpa
implored the visiting Japanese Parliamentarian Jin Matsubara of their
sacrifice not being fruitless. He said, "We are ready to die for the
six million Tibetans, this should not be futile. I hope you bring up
our cause in your Parliament and garner support from other Japanese leaders."

Indian doctor carrying out physical check up. (Photo by Tenzin
Jin Matsubara who arrived with his entourage told the media,
"Olympics is not just a game, it is a place and time for the world to
come together in peace and harmony. The host country should uphold
peace, democracy and human rights in order to truly deserve the title
of the host of the Olympics."

The venue of the hunger strike is now watched like a fortress by
Indian authorities. Intervention is not far as the six men hover
precariously close towards grim conditions. Frequent visits are made
by men in plain clothes with Indian doctors carrying out physical check ups.
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