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GetUp hopeful Pro-Tibet ad will screen before opening ceremony

August 8, 2008

ABC Online, Australia
August 6, 2008

Advocacy Group GetUp says it has not been told if the screening of
its Tibetan human rights advertisment on Channel Seven at the start
of the Olympic Games opening ceremony will breach event broadcast rules.

The advertisement appeals to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to speak out
on Tibetan human rights during his visit to Beijing.

The commercial features a Tibetan woman sitting with her eyes closed
and asking the Prime Minister not to be silent on Tibet.

The Seven Network holds the offical broadcast rights to the Games.

GetUp and the Australia Tibet Council say they have spent tens of
thousands of dollars on advertising time.

GetUp executive director Brett Solomon says there is no indication of
a problem.

"We've got no advice, there's been no communication from Channel
Seven that they're intending to pull it," he said.

"I would just say though, congratulations to Channel Seven at this
point in agreeing to broadcast the advertisement."

Mr Solomon says Kevin Rudd should push for Tibetan autonomy, during
talks with China.

"We're not suggesting that the Prime Minister should lean over in the
middle of the opening ceremony to speak to President Hu Jintao, but
there are private meetings that will take place and this is exactly
the right time," he said.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, says she has not seen a
television advertisement calling on the Prime Minister to speak out
for Tibet but says the Federal Government has been vigorous in
raising the issue with China.

Ms Gillard says Mr Rudd has already expressed the Australian
Government's concerns about Tibet.

"The Australian Government has been very vigorous in raising human
rights issues in Tibet," she said.

"The Prime Minister did it on his last trip to China. Obviously we've
expressed our concerns."
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