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Photo-exhibition: "Inside the Colony"

August 11, 2008

India Tibet Coordination Office
August 9, 2008

photo-exhibition, based on his two photo-expeditions to Tibet by
VIJAY KRANTI, Tibetologist, journalist and photographer

Raisina Road, N.Delhi.

11-20 Aug 2008

Inauguration by Mr. Tempa Tsering, Representative of His Holiness the
Dalai Lama and Shri Bashishta Narain Singh, Convener of All Party
Indian Parliamentarian Forum for Tibet
at 05.30 pm, Monday 11th August 2008

Vijay Kranti: +91-98 10 24 56 74

This photo-exhibition is a photo-journalist's endeavor to present a
photo reality check to Beijing government's claims about occupied
Tibet. Despite a complete ban on independent travel of journalists
(and diplomats too) to 'China's Tibet', VIJAY KRANTI undertook two
photo-expeditions to Tibet as a tourist in recent years.

Vijay Kranti's first tour was about 1000 km long to and around Lhasa.
But his second expedition took him over 5000 km in Yunnan, Sichuan,
Quighai and TAR provinces. His exclusive focus during these
expeditions was on verifying China's claims that Tibet has undergone
unprecedented development; that Tibetan have gained out of this
change and; that Tibetans are 'very happy' under Chinese rule.

"There is no doubt that urban parts of Tibetan region have undergone
tremendous modernization. Wonderful malls, wide roads, impressive
housing complexes and most lavish car brands in the streets. Only if
you could distinguish between a Chinese and a Tibetan face that you
would realize who own these goodies and for whose benefit all this
development has been undertaken…….." sums up Vijay Kranti his
observations from these two expeditions.

Talking about the professional challenge involved in this
self-assigned project, Vijay Kranti says :

"Before opening Tibet to international tourism, China took every care
to ensure that visitors can't see anything what China does not want
them to see. It is just like a murderer throwing a party after
washing the murder site spic and span. Spotting meaningful frames in
such a situation is a great challenge to a professional
photo-journalist. This photo exhibition is a glimpse of some of those

Vijay Kranti is a veteran journalist with over 30 professional years
behind him. During this period he has been on the staff of India
Today, Radio Deutsche Welle, Radio Voice of America, BBC TV, Aaj Tak
TV and Zee News TV. As a Tibetologist and a photographer he has
presented more than a dozen solo photo exhibitions in India, Germany,
Austria, Switzerland, Britain, USA and Canada in addition to numerous
Audio-Visual talk-shows on Tibet. His collection on Tibet is
considered to be the largest one-man work on Tibetan refugee
community across the world.

He was chosen for K.K. Birla Foundation Fellowship for journalists in
1993-94 for his work on Tibetan refugee community.

Vijay Kranti is the editor of Tibbat-Desh which is the first Hindi
news magazine on Tibet. He started this news magazine in 1979.

He is the author-photographer of an internationally acclaimed book
"DALAI LAMA -- the Nobel Peace Laureate -- SPEAKS" (Centrasia
Publishing Group). He is the editor of Dalai Lama's Hindi
autobiography "AZAD SHARNARTHI" (Paljor Publications) and two other
books on Tibet. He played a pivotal role in the publication of
auto-biography of PHOOLAN DEVI (FIXOT of Paris) as interviewer.

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